The Epcot Overhaul What We Learned From D23

D23 has come and gone and we are still sorting through all of the information that was released over the course of the expo that took place August 23-25 in Anaheim, California. One thing we know is that one of the main focuses for The Walt Disney Company over the next few years will be the overhaul of Epcot. This, as Bob Chapek announced Sunday … Continue reading The Epcot Overhaul What We Learned From D23

New Disney Merch Recap!

Welcome to For Love of the Mouse. We are so excited that you stopped by. On our blog, we cover all things Disney and beyond. Come for the Disney, stay for the lifestyle, health, beauty and more! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at ForLoveOfMouse, on Facebook at For The Love of The Mouse and on YouTube at For Love of The Mouse. Let’s get started! Disney continues to … Continue reading New Disney Merch Recap!

The Future of EPCOT

EPCOT was one of Walt Disney’s most adventurous and lofty ideas. EPCOT, meaning Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was originally envisioned by Walt to become a completely self-contained and self-sufficient city. Essentially a city in a bubble, completely and utterly sustainable upon itself from everything from food, community, entertainment and even weather control. The ideal city. Although EPCOT is quite different from Walt’s vision, it … Continue reading The Future of EPCOT