Disney Skyliner Gondolas Are Unveiled!

Disney’s newest transportation system and also a throwback to the Disney Skyway system that debuted at Disneyland back on June 23, 1956, it has something of a dramatic history as it originally closed in 1957 when the tallest point at over 60 feet tall was demolished and replaced with Matterhorm Bobsleds. It later reopened in 1959 but closed permanently on November 9, 1994 though the … Continue reading Disney Skyliner Gondolas Are Unveiled!

All About Disney Skyliner, New Mode of WDW Transportation

Welcome back to our blog. We talk all things Disney World and beyond and we are excited that you could join us! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at ForLoveOfMouse, on Facebook at For The Love of The Mouse and on YouTube at For Love of The Mouse. Beginning in fall 2019 (exact date not yet disclosed), guests will be able to discover a new vantage point of some of … Continue reading All About Disney Skyliner, New Mode of WDW Transportation

The Future of EPCOT

EPCOT was one of Walt Disney’s most adventurous and lofty ideas. EPCOT, meaning Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was originally envisioned by Walt to become a completely self-contained and self-sufficient city. Essentially a city in a bubble, completely and utterly sustainable upon itself from everything from food, community, entertainment and even weather control. The ideal city. Although EPCOT is quite different from Walt’s vision, it … Continue reading The Future of EPCOT

Transport me to Disney Part 2

Hi there Disney family! Thank you for dropping by and please be sure to check out part one of our Transport me to Disney blog. In part one we covered the Monorail, Ferry Boat and Friendship Boats. In part two we will be covering the bus system including the Magical Express, Minnie vans, and we will also touch on the exciting news that Disney is … Continue reading Transport me to Disney Part 2