Five Things to Not Forget on Your Cruise Excursion

One of the best parts of cruising is exploring the ports of call. While it is in no way an immersive cultural experience, it gives you the opportunity to get a taste of different islands and places so you can decide if that place is somewhere you would want to return to for a more in depth vacation.

There a lot of cruising styles. Some people don’t even disembark the ship at ports, some people do excursions at all the ports and some people just wander around.

We like to explore and experience a port and for us, walking around the toursity parts is not it. We enjoy adventure excursions. It is not our (especially my) idea of a good time to wal around tourist shops and nothing else. I want to experience a town and the fun it has to offer.

There is a few things we recommend taking on your excursions. These are recommendations for beach or tropical excursions especially.

Waterproof Bag

We purhased a dry bag, in fact, this exact dry bag before our recent cruise and it was amazing. We cannot tell you how great this bag is. There are several different sizes you can choose from and we purchased a mid-size bag. I think I will be purchasing a size larger before our next cruise because when going to the beach, it is nice to put your towels in the bag and we just ran out of room.

We were able to put our wallets, go pro, phones, towels, sunscreen and more it worked well. It was just a little tight with all our stuff in one bag.

Water Shoes

It was recommended especially for our excursion at Virgin Gorda in Tortola that we get water shoes. I really liked them. They were comfortable and held up well. We will definitely be able to use them again. If you are going on an excursion to a beach where there is a decent amount of walking we highly recommend water shoes.

Water proof Phone Case

Even though we had the dry bag, I was not comfortable taking my phone to the beach without a little extra protection so we purchasesd these water proof phone cases and they worked great. You could take photos and use yor phone perfectly fine through the case. It was great for taking pctures on the beach without getting sand and ocean water in the phone itself.

Wristlet or Wallet

Yes, we have wallets that we take with us but we don’t want to take our nice wallets to the beach. So, we each got a less expensive version on Amazon to take on the trip and it worked out great. Highly recommend having a travel wallet for your vacations.

Change of Clothes

I like taking a change of clothes for excursions because my cover up tends to get wet and also very sandy and if we are going to walk aroun the town, it is nice to put something else on. I love this little sundress from Amazon. It is light and comfy and perfect for after the beach.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Did you know that some sunscreen is very harmful to the ocean? It’s true, if you are using a non-reef safe sunscreen… don’t. It can kill oceanlife including fish and coral. There are so many reef safe sunscreens and they are the best on the market. So, make sure you are finding a reef-safe sunscreen whenever you are headed to the beach. Our favorite is the SunBum brand. We also really like Coola. Both can be found on Amazon.

That’s our list of must have items for your beach excursion. Happy cruising!

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