Breaking Disney News: Parades Returning and New Signage

Disney is announcing a whole slew of Disney World news today.

They had announced previously that The beloved Festival of Fantasy Parade would be returning “soon” but an exact date was not given. We now know that Festival of Fantasy Parade will indeed be returning to Magic Kingdom on March 9.

March 9 marks the 8th anniversary of the parades original debut.

In addition, a brand new Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade will be premiering on February 11. The new cavalcade will feature almost 30 characters incuding Nick and Judy from Zootopia, some of our favorites from The Jungle Booknand Miguel From Coco. This will be the first time Coco will premier in Magic Kingdom.

The Cinderella Castle Stage Show Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire will return to Magic Kingdom on February 25 and will include a 50th Anniversary twist.

In addition, Disney has begun replacing the iconic purple signage around Walt Disney World property with new blue signage. This new blue signage will replace all existing signage across property as part of the new color scheme that has been taking over property over the last year.

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We typically don’t like to insert our own opinions in our blogs just kidding we always do and we would like Disney to bring back the purple signage. Change is hard y’all and we are big fans of the purple and yellow signage but we will get used to it.

Stay tuned for more changes as they are released.

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