Disney Cruise FAQ Part 1

We recently returned from our first Disney Cruise post-shutdown and gathered a number of questions we have been asked to make planning and embarking on your next Disney Cruise easy and magical.

Let’s get started.

Was the testing line long?

Nope! We were able to walk right in and to the station to get tested. Our ship sailed out of San Diego and the tesitng process was smooth, easy and quick.

Is it worth it with altered character interactions?

The whole cruise, yes. The character interactions depend on what you want and what you expect. I personally didn’t like having to keep my mask on for photos. Prior to sailing, it was said we could remove our masks for stationary photos but the crew on our ship wouldn’t allow it.

For photos in the atrium, you could stand on a dot and remove your mask but for the photos on the upper decks around the atrium you had to keep it on. That, to me, was a big disappointment. BUT! There were characters everywhere, all the time.

They were on the decks, in the atrium, at the restaurants, at the pools. That was awesome.

Can you explain the process of getting kids on the Disney Cruise?

All children ages 5 and older MUST be vaccinated against COVID-19 starting January 13, 2022. Guests who are not vaccine-eligible because of age must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result (paid for by the Guest) taken between 3 days and 24 hours before their sail date. Guests ages 5 through 11 may complete this testing requirement in lieu of being fully vaccinated for sailings that depart before January 13, 2022. Guests 4 years of age and under must complete the testing requirements. The test should be a NAAT test, rapid PCR test or lab-based PCR test. Rapid antigen tests are not accepted.

Accepted vaccinations:

  • A single dose of an accepted 1-dose vaccine
  • The second dose of an accepted 2-dose vaccine
  • The full series of an active (not placebo) COVID-19 vaccine in the US-based AstraZeneca or Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trials
  • The second dose of any “mix and match” combination of accepted COVID-19 vaccines (administered at least 17 days apart)

In order to sail, all Guests (adults and children, regardless of age) must upload their proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results on the Safe Passage we

bsite by Inspire Diagnostics. Children ages 5 through 11 who are fully vaccinated before January 13, 2022, may submit proof of their vaccination in lieu of providing a negative pre-trip COVID-19 PCR test. A parent or legal guardian will need to use their own account to provide this information on behalf of minors. 

All guests age 2 and over MUST wear masks at all times when indoors or spaces where physical distancing is not possible.

I’m a little overwhelmed by what is required for the Covid testing and documents. Is there any recommendations tips or tricks to understanding steps you have to take?

All guests, regardless of age and vaccination status are required to take a COVID-19 test (paid for by Disney Cruise Line and administered by Inspire Diagnostics) at the terminal before boarding.

There isn’t much to know about this because you will be directed to the space where this takes place regardless of where you are sailing from.

You walk in, go to a tent, swab your nose, write your name on the bag and off you go. Following the test you will wait in the terminal until your results come back. Once you receive your results in the form of an email from Safe Passage your status will be cleared to board in the Safe Passage portal and you can proceed to check-in.

This will be the second of two COVID-19 PCR tests required for unvaccinated Guests. Guests with positive COVID-19 test results—as well as those sharing the same stateroom and their close contacts—will be denied boarding.

Prior to boarding all guests who are ineligible for the COVID-19 vaccination will be required to submit a PCR test prior to sailin. Tests must be completed and mailed back 3 days before sailing or dropped off at one of the Central Florida testing locations offered by Inspire Diagnostics listed below.

Guests can use the Safe Passage website to purchase and schedule a pre-trip test to be performed at one of the Inspire Diagnostics testing locations set up for Disney Cruise Line Guests near the cruise terminal, one to 3 days before their sail date.

Guests residing in the United States can purchase an at-home PCR testing kit directly from the Safe Passage website by Inspire Diagnostics at a cost of US $98.33 per test (which includes a 3.5% processing fee). Test kits must be administered and mailed back to Inspire Diagnostics precisely 3 days before the sail date and mailed back using the prepaid UPS envelope included with the kit. Guests must drop the envelope at an official UPS drop box or a UPS store location. Do not use a UPS Access Point for shipment, which are drop boxes located at retail outlets such as a pharmacy, grocery store or gas station. Results will be available 24 to 48 hours from the time the sample is received by Inspire Diagnostics and will be sent to the email address provided during registration on the Safe Passage website.

Do I need travel insurance?

No one NEEDS travel insurance… until they do.

Travel insurance is not a requirement but is recommended.

Our children are under 12 and therefore unvaccinated. Can they get off at the ports?

It depends on where you are cruising. The Bahamas is requiring ALL travelers be vaccinated. That means if they are not, they will not be able to get off regardless of age of eligibility. For cruises in Mexico, unvaccinated children can get off ONLY through a Disney port excursion. The entire party must stick to the excursion and cannot go off on their own or they could be denied boarding back onto the ship. To stay as up to date as possible with requirements, check the Disney cruise Line website often as regulations change frequently.

We hear people say all the time not to fly in day of the cruise? Why is that and what do you recommend?

Planes are unpredictable and that ship is not going to wait for you. There is not one cruise line that will care about your sob story of why you are late. When that ship is set to leave, it’s leaving whether you are on it or not. Especially in the current climate with planes delayed for a variety of reasons, it is far easier and more sensical to fly in the day before to ensure you at the port on time. You woul be shocked at how many people we know who have missed their cruise because of dealyed travel.

Thank you for checking out part 1 of our cruise FAQ. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will answer even more questions to make sure you are ready to sail.

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