Don’t Forget These on Your Next Cruise

You are thinking about or have already booked a cruise? That’s awesome!

We have some tips for things you might not know to take or have never thought of taking on your next cruise that you will thank us for later.

We have been on several cruises and we have some tips for things we wish we knew we should take back on our very first cruise. Hopefully you get some good tips.


Many cruises use a key card, Disney Cruise Line calls it a Key to the World Card that is your lifeline on the ship. It is your room key your dining rotation for Disney, your wallet and more. You need it with you at all times. Some cruise lines give you a lanyard but some don’t. It’s a great idea to have your own lanyard prior to boarding because ships will charge a premium once you board.

USB Portable Charging Station

Guests are not allowed to take power strips on cruise ships. They are a fire hazard and also take up a lot of electricity so are banned. Instead, get yourself one of these little buddies. These are perfect for charging all your devices that are enabled with a USB cord. Because you are also not allowed to take things like hair dryers on board, you would not need extra outlets for those items. Cruise ships provide you with a hair dryer in your stateroom.

Face Masks

Face masks are required in indoor locations on most cruise lines. Make sure you have several on hand.

Towel Clips

Super cute and convenient! Towels are always slipping off pool chairs. Not with these! They are also a great way to “mark” your pool chair while you take a dip!

Wrinkle Release Spray

This is super easy to toss into your suitcase. Wrinkle release spray is the easiest way to get those pesky wrinkles out and look your best for photos and any cruise adventures.

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Collapsible Laundry Basket

This is a great tip. We always take these on all of our trips. It helps us keep our dirty clothes together in one place and organized. They fold down quite compact in your suitcase and then we are able to just toss them all in one suitcase at the end. Easy peasy.

Liquid Hand Soap

We always take our own hand soap. Liquid hand soap is so much more sanitary than a bar and these are so inexpensive. You can either lock them when the trip is over or you can just toss it because it was so inexpensive.

Luggage Scale

It’s so easy to overpack or get caught at the airport with a suitcase that weghs 53 lbs when the limit is 50 lbs. Weigh your suitcases prior to your trip and at the end so you don’t get caught paying an unneccessary fee for having an overweight bag.

Bathroom Spray

The staterooms are small. This is necessary. That’s all we’re going to say about that.

Portable Lock Box

If you are headed ashore or to the beach or even just the pool this is a great idea for keeping your valuables safe when you need to leave them for a dip or a sip. This is a great inexpensive option for travel.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

It is so important that we aren’t putting even more unneccessary pollutants in our oceans. Whether it is just for the pool on the ship or at the beach and in the ocean, it is so important to use ONLY reef safe sunscreen. Sum Bum and Coola are our favorites but there are a number of great reef safe options out there for your sun protection.

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Portable Phone Charger

We always carry a portable phone charger with us when we travel and on the cruise ship is no exception. Although I completely unplug when we cruise, we use our phones for the navigator and to know what is going on around the ship and of course to take photos. So, it’s nice to have a portable charger when we need it.

Portable Water Bottle

The little cups they give you on the ship aren’t enough for me to be hydrated so I like to bring my own larger water bottle. However, the castmembers don’t like for you to fill your own bottles from the drink dispensers so it’s kind of against the rules.

Electronics Organizer

It’s nice to keep your electronics organied especially when traveling. this organizer does just that and is compact.

Those are our top tips for what to make sure you take on your cruise!

Happy cruising.

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