Details Revealed for Disney Genie

Disney has revealed pricing and additional information about the new Disney Genie program that will replace the beloved FastPass program at Walt Disney World.

Earlier this year, Disney announced that the FastPass and MaxPass programs at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort would be retired and replaced with a new system called “Lightning Lane.”

Disney has now confirmed that Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane will officially launch at Walt Disney World on Oct. 19 of this year. The official date of the release at Disneyland has yet to be revealed.

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“Disney Genie listens to the preferences that guests share with us to help design their best day and deliver an experience that’s made just for them,” Josh D’Amaro, Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Product, said in a statement earlier this year. “Pairing incredible technology with more than 60 years of expertise about how our guests visit the parks, Disney Genie will personalize their Disney day, allowing guests to spend less time planning and waiting and more time doing the things they love.”

Guests can select their favorite attractions or characters, and Genie will “map out an entire day” while updating “your plan, so you can go with the flow as the day changes,” Disney said in a news release.


Guests will be able to purchase Disney Genie+ for a flat fee of $15 at Walt Disney World and $20 at Disneyland Resort. This purchase will allow guests to gain access to shortened wait times through the use of Lightning Lane on most attractions.


To get started, a guest will open the My Disney Experience app and tell Disney Genie their must-do preferences. From rides and entertainment to dining. The service is designed to think of every scenario with years of consumer research and insights backing up its thought process. The app will help guests by helping them design a custom experience for their park or resort visit that will help them navigate their day making adjustments and recommendations if a ride breaks down or weather delays a ride’s operation.

Want to visit another park during your visit?

Disney Genie will allow guests to customize their plans based on the time of day a guest visits each of the parks.

For guests at Walt Disney World, they will be able to select the next available Lightning Lane return time when using Genie+. When purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane, they will be able to choose from a list of available times throughout the day.

Genie+ offers the guests additional options. The paid service grants the guest access to Disney’s new lightning lanes, former known as FastPass+. A guest will be able to choose an available time to arrive at the lightning lanes at more than 40 attractions at Walt Disney World and 15 attractions at Disneyland resort.

With Genie+ guests may select one attraction at a time, during the next available time. Disney has said there is no limit to the number of attractions guests can visit with this option but stressed it is one at a time.

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Guests will only be able to use the Lightning Lane once per attraction per day.

In addition, Genie+ also includes exclusive “AR filters” at Walt Disney World and Photopass downloads at Disneyland Resort.

While Genie+ will give guests access to the expedited Lightning Lane and a reduced wait for most attractions, it won’t include every attraction. Higher demand attractions with the longest wait times will only be available as “individual attraction selections.”  

Those attractions will be separate Lightning Lane purchases priced from $7 to $15 per person per ride, Disney said Wednesday. Disney said those prices are subject to change and could fluctuate based on the day. Disney published a full list of Genie+ attractions and Individual Lightning Lane attractions on its website.

Credit: Disney

Individual Lightening Lane

Guests can buy two a la carte Lightning Lane passes on the most popular attractions. Individual Attraction Selections vary by park and attraction and day.

Prices are also per person.

All attractions will continue to offer a traditional standby queue or a virtual queue.

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Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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