50th Anniversary Brings Forward Disney Fans Fear of Change

As we head home from Walt Disney World after a whirlwind 8 days celebrating the 50th Anniversary, several things have really stuck in my mind after this trip. One thing that popped up over and over?

People don’t handle change well.

Not exactly what you thought I was going to say is it?

Prior to the first showing of HarmonioUS at EPCOT, Enchantment at Magic Kingdom or the Beacons of Light at all four parks, people were “disappointed”. How can you be disappointed in something you haven’t even experienced yet?

The negative comments didn’t stop once the shows debuted. I want to take us back to time it seems like we have all forgotten. It was the end of Wishes, the dawn of Happily Ever After and the air was thick with negativity.

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When Happily Ever After first debuted, no one liked it. So, why now is everyone up in arms about it ending? Well, it seems we have forgotten our hatred of the shiny show that replaced Wishes and now we love it oh so dearly. That tends to happen. People don’t handle change well.

Tinkerbell flies out of a rainbow on the castle! Hello! It’s called magic people.

Am I saying that everything Disney does is sunshine and rainbows? No. There are plenty of decisions made by Disney that I disagree with. Plenty of things I think could have been done better or different. Plenty of times I’m like Gee thanks Bob Chapek.

But, I understand that Disney doesn’t make changes or make decisions based on me. I am not the opinion of everyone. Everyone, the masses have different tastes, different likes, different dislikes. Just because I love or dislike something doesn’t mean thousands of other people don’t feel the exact opposite about it.

It was incredibly disheartening to hear people trash Disney and the Anniversary and the shows and every little thing. When we started our brand we did so because Disney was a happy community. It’s a place for us to escape the negative, harsh realities of the real world and escape to a place where we can live in a world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy and do so happily.

Over the past couple of years this community has becomes hardened. While I don’t think that we should blindly follow everything done by the company and skip merrily along not questioning things that should be questioned? No. Absolutely not.

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But, what is the point of searching for things to be negative about? HarmonioUS was awesome… to us. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but a lot of what we are hearing about why people don’t like it because they wanted more.

More of what? The barges are hideous and we’ll give you that. But, the colors, the songs, the story is amazing.

Another complaint was that they used IP. I don’t know how to tell you this but Disney is IP. Using it but combining it tastefully with the message and cultural diversity of World Showcase and EPCOT has slowly been happening for over a decade. It was shown to us in the renderings that it would happen with HarmonioUS.

Enchantment. The first night we watched Enchantment we watched from the Grand Floridian. We could hear the music they piped in and see the fireworks but couldn’t see much of the projections.


The first complaints were that the music was bad. Confused on that since it is all from Disney classics and doesn’t include “Let it go”. A definite win in our book.

The second complaint were the projections. We held off on our judgement of that since we didn’t see the projections. The second time we saw it we walked into Magic Kingdom from our dinner reservation as the show started. We weren’t able to get a great view so we only saw partials of the projections. Although we both exclaimed that we loved the story and the energy, we continued to hold off judgement on the projections.

The third time we stood in our secret spot. Not a head-on Main Street shot of the show but a pretty excellent location just the same. The projections were so much more prevalent without a straight view of the castle than with Happily Ever After.

I’m not saying you need to love these shows and fawn over Disney. But, the constant berating and negativity is getting old.

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