Buy This Not That On Your Next Disney Trip

Disney has a lot of things for sale. And while we love our Disney souveniers there are some things you can pack in advance and get far cheaper than you can at Disney Parks. Let’s save you some money for more delicious food and better merchandise at Disney!

You want it, there’s a good chance that Disney’s got it. But, that doesn’t mean you should buy it. Of course, who are we to tell you what you want to spend your hard earned money on but we do have some great tips on how to save your money for even better Disney merch by skipping these items you can get elsewhere for a lot less.

Silicone Straws

We’ve said it before but you can get these on Amazon and they are the same thing… but a lot cheaper.

Disney just released these 50th Anniversary silicone straws and while they are super cute there are far cuter things you can buy to celebrate the 50th anniversary.


We love silicone straws in Disney. The paper straws, while a great idea to cut backc on plastic waste, aren’t our favorite. So, we always carry our silicone straws and they are perfect.

We have been using these exact straws from Amazon for every trip especially our Disney trip and they are amazing.

I simply clip them on my park bag and anytime we need a straw I can easily unclip and use the straw and then clip it back on after we are done. They are also simple to rinse out. Easy peasy.

Reusable Cutlery

Reusable cutlery is such a great idea for Disney. There are so many snacks and foodie items to be found that by the end of the day you could have gone through your own large ple of single-use plastic and that’s bad. Disney started selling personal bamboo cutlery a few years back.

We applaud them for getting on ths bandwagon but we also can find this exact same thing on Amazon for a lot less. And that’s what we do!

We love the Amazon version for a number of reasons. It’s inexpensive and the handy dandy travel holder comes with a carabener which enables us to siply attach to our park bag and go!


Technically this isn’t merchandise but water is essential and Disney knows that and they charm a premium for it. Bottled water costs about $3.00 on average for one bottle. Even though we take large water bottles with us if it is a scorching hot day, even we splurge on cold water once in a while. But, bring your own water bottles to the parks. If you don’t take anything else to the parks, take your own large insulated water bottle.

Those are three things Disney sells that look super cute but can be purchased for a lot less. Save your money and spend it on even better Disney merch!

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