Expedition Everest to Close at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Disney has just announced that on January 4, 2022 Disney’s popular attraction Expedition Everest will close for an extended refurbishment.

The closure will extend through Mid-April 2022. An exact date for reopening has not been released.


The refurbishment is said to include addressing the attraction’s ride system. Expedition Everest was the first ride to use Vekoma’s newest track system, which places the rails on the outside of the ties rather than on the inside. This was the first large-scale installation of such a system.

Expedition Everest is the tallest attraction at Walt Disney World at 199.5 feet. Taller even than Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror attraction.

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Fingers crossed that they also address the ever-faulty Yeti animatronic in the ride. The animatronic has been inactive for several years now.

The attraction first opened in January 2006 and was imagineered by famed Disney imagineer Joe Rohde.


It is the second most popular attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Second only to Flight of Passage. This closure will likely cause even longer lines for attractions like Flight of Passage, Nav’i River Journey and Kilimanjaro Safaris. Be sure to plan ahead for your Animal Kingdom days during this closure.

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