Spider Man: No Way Home Trailer Released

The brand new trailer for the Spider Man: No Way Home revealed a plethora of easter eggs and blew a lot of minds.

The trailer shows that the Multiverse has been opened.

Stressed and frustrated by being flung into the spotlight by Mysterio at the end of Spider Man: Far From Home after he publicly revealed his identity to the world, Peter Parker goes to Dr. Strange to have him perform a spell that will result in everyone’s memory being reversed so that they don’t know that Peter Parker is Spider Man.

Dr. Strange agrees but while performing the spell Parker vocalizes second thoughts throwing the spell off balance. Dr. Strange states that Parker is trying to live in two realities. He can’t have it both ways. Either everyone knows or no one does.

This dilemma in Parker causes the multiverse to open.

For the first time in the cinematic history of the character, his identity is out in the open and he is unable to live a private life as a very public superhero.


Stars of the film include Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jon Favreau, Jacob Batalon, and  Marisa Tomei. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Doctor Strange. The film is directed by Jon Watts, and written by Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers; the film is produced by Kevin and Feige Amy Pascal, and executive producers Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, JoAnn Perritano, Rachel O’Connor, Avi Arad, and Matt Tolmach.

Doc Ock, the villain from Tobey McGuire’s Spider Man is seen in the trailer as well as his mechanical tentacles.

On the bridge the trailer shows a pumpkin bomb which is the weapon usesd by the Green Goblin, the original bad guy from the orginal Spidey with McGuire.

with the bad guys returning…. could this also mean a return of the origial Spider Man and the Spidey’s from other comics?


It is also rumored that Jaime Fox’s character is making a return to this film. As well as Michael Keaton’s falcon character in Homecoming. We shall see.

See the full trailer here.

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