Want to Break The Rules at Disney? It Could Have Lifelong Consequences

In the age of social media, everyone wants to go viral. One simple Tik Tok Video or Instagram Reel could jump your followers by hundreds or even thousands and people are getting more daring with their ideas.

But, these often involve bending rules or flat our breaking rules to get that perfect video.

What could make you famous on Instagram could make you infamous at Disney and could get you banned for life.

Disney is a family friendly amusement park and even though it’s hot. They do have a dress code. And they are quick to point out that it is discretionary. If they deem it inappropriate, they can ask you to change, provide you with a shirt to change into or ask you to leave.

We experienced this firsthand several years back. We were on a boat from Wilderness Lodge to Magic Kingdom and a family got on the boat with a little kid who had an offensive word starting with F on his hat. The hat was turned backwards but the boat captain still saw it.

During the ride we watched the captain phone something in and when we arrived and past security, several plain clothes castmembers were waiting for the family. We didn’t stop and gawk but heard enough that they told the family the child would have to remove and disgard the hat prior to entering the park and the Dad was not happy about it. Seemed pretty common sense to us though.

Disney is private property. They make their own rules, they enforce their own rules. They are essentially a city within themselves. They fiercly protect their entity and rightfully so.

If you remember there was a fist fight at Disneyland several years back. That famiyl has since been banned for life from entering any Disney theme park.


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If you get drunk on Disney property and they deem you to be unruly, that can get you banned for life. Get a DUI on Disney property, that will certainly get you banned for life.

Get off a ride to get a cucumber (cough cough just happened last weekend) that will get you banned.

Bringing a weapon on property, a gun, knife, nunchuks, etc. that will get you banned.

Bringing drugs or paraphenilia on property can get you banned.


Harrassing or assaulting a cast member will get you banned.

Causing a scene or refusing to comply with cast requests or rules can get you banned.

It’s up to Disney whether this ban is for life, for the day or for your stay but Disney has the right to remove you from their property for breaking any of their rules.

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Engaging in an unsafe act is one of the most common reasons for guests being told to leave. This is a broad rule and can span anything from getting into an unauthorized body of water to attempting to or succeeding in getting off a ride and disrupting the rides progress. This is so common in fact that Disney has installed sensors in their rides to alert them to when someone gets off a moving attraction. The ride vehicle will immediately stop.

For many offenses Disney will give you a first warning but if what you are doing disrupts an attraction or puts you or others at risk or in harms way, you are likely to be removed without a warning.

Lewd behavior and public intoxication are other rules that could get you banned from Disney. A woman who was intoxicated at a park kicked the arresting officer who she refused to comply with and was given a lifetime ban.


In 2018 a guest decided Disney was the place to showcase his political preferences. He held out a Trump 2020 sign while on Splash Mountain and was removed from the park because the displaying of signs and banners by third parties is against Disney rules. He was actually given a warning but returned to the park and did the exact same thing on a second attraction. Because he didn’t comly with his warning and he earned himself a lifetime ban.

While Disney is a place for everyone, they do have rules and they expect them to be followed. While jumping out of an attraction for a vegetable or posting a sign of your favorite political person might seem like a good idea, when you are never allowed to visit The Most Magical Place on Earth again, you might view that choice a little differently.

It’s important to remember that Disney is a business and a privately owned business. They can make their own rules, enforce those rules and ensure you enforce those rules as well.

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