Giordano’s: A Chicago Staple in the Heart of Orlando

Are you ready for some pizza? Some real Deep Dish Chicago-Style pie? We’ve got you covered.

Recently, we took a trip off Disney property to take advantage of some amazing Chicago style deep dish pizza at Giordano’s.

If you’ve never heard of Giordano’s, they serve Chicago’s “best” stuffed pizza! With a recipe perfected over 200 years, this pizza is something like you have never experienced and an experience we highly recommend.

The creation of this delicious dish began in a small northern Italian town near Torino, Italy. Mama Giordano was famous around town for her exquisite italian cooking. Her most beloved meal was her “Italian Easter Pie”. A double- crusted, cheese stuffed masterpiece was served by Mama Giordano on special occasions.

Fast forward quite a few years, Italian immigrants Efren and Joseph Boglio moved to Chicago to start their own pizza business. The brothers introduced their Mama’s recipe for stuffed pizza. Giordano’s has grown to now have locations in 10 states including our home state of Colorado.

In fact, when Giordano’s first opened in Denver we had our first Giordano’s experience and it was heaven.

Giordano’s does catering and also has a restaurant menu.

Everything from Salads, lunch combos, four types of pizza (you want the famous stuffed deep dish… trust us), classic Italian dishes and sandwiches. Something for everyone.

There are actually two location in Orlando and they even deliver to Walt Disney World resorts! it doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

You can also ship a frozen pizza or six anywhere in the United States. So, if you can’t get to Giordano’s, you can have Giordano’s delivered right to you and enjoy it on your couch in your comfies.

If you want to learn more about Giordano’s, find out if there is one near you or order a frozen pizza to be shipped to your home be sure to check out their website.

Let’s jump in to the delicious food we tried.

First, we had to start off with an appetizer because… we like food and we like appetizers. But, trust us when we say that a pizza can feed an entire family. They are so large, so thick and so filling.

For an appetizer we ordered the Calamari and More. Let me tell you, this was delicious and it was a ton of food.

This dish includes tender calamari mixed with lemon rings, and banana peppers, lightly fried and served with our house-made marinara sauce. The lemon rings were fried. We had never had a fried lemon ring prior to this but I did a little research and apparently this is pretty traditional with fritto misto and other fried Italian dishes. I loved it. I love citrus. And deep fried citrus. I’m on board.

It added a delicious freshness to the traditionally heavy calamari. Think about it, a lot of people, including me, squeeze fresh lemon on calamari. This takes that a delicious step further.

Next, I ordered a Giordano’s House Salad. This is a simple, fresh and tasty salad that included spring greens, baby tomatoes and shaved fennel tossed in our lemon vinaigrette with shaved asiago cheese. The lemon vinaigrette was divine. In fact, I really enjoyed this salad. It was simple but the flavors were outstanding and it was nice, light flavors between the fried calamari and the heavy pizza.

Bryson ordered a Caesar Salad and he really enjoyed that as well. I am incredibly picky about my Caesar salads and while I did prefer my House Salad, it was a pretty yummy take on the Caesar. The Caesar Salad had lettuce and creamy Caesar dressing tossed with parmesan, romano and shaved asiago cheeses.

One important thing to note about the salads is that they come in multiple sizes. There are starter, entree or family platter sizes for all four salad selections.

Now for the good stuff… well, it was all good. But the meat of the situation is of course the pizza.

As I mentioned above, there are four styles of pizza to choose from at Giordano’s. They have Extra-Thin Crust, Thin Crust, Parmesan Crusted Pan Pizza and their Famous Stuffed Deep-Dish Pizza.

I’m not going to lie, I love a super-thin crust pizza. It’s so good. I would love to go back and try spinach, artichoke and feta version of this pie.

BUT! we had to go with the Famous Chicago-Style Deep Dish of course! We chose the Chicago-Classic which had Pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and onions.

Let’s talk about that cheese pull. Did you even eat Chicago-Style Deep Dish if you didn’t do the cheese pull? The answer is no.

The pizza comes in a few different sizes depending on the size of your party and also how much you want to take home.

We were so full when we left but so happy. We highly recommend checking out Giardano’s. Or if you are doing a resort day, this is so much better than any pizza you will get at your resort. Hands down. So much better.

You can have Giardano’s anywhere. At home, at Disney, in Denver, in eight other states. There is no excuse to not change your life and try this amazing pizza and get the calamari too. So fantastic.

That’s it. That’s going to do it for this food review. Now, go get your some Chicago-Style Deep Dish!

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