Travel Restrictions Lifted in Hawai’i

As of June 15, all restrictions on interisland travel throughout the Hawaiian islands have been lifted.

This is the first time state residents and qualified visitors will be able to move freely between islands in more than a year.

The restrictions have been lifted for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

What Does This Mean

Residents and visitors travelling between Islands are no longer be subject to any COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Interisland travelers are exempt from taking a pre-travel coronavirus test.

Prior to these restrictions being interisland travelers were required to provide a negative test or proof of vaccination to avoid quarantine.

Travel Requirements

Trans-Pacific travel requirements are also changing Tuesday. Anyone vaccinated within the state of Hawai´i will no longer be forced to take and pass a COVID-19 test before returning to the islands in order to avoid a 10-day mandatory quarantine.

Proof of vaccination is required for the exemption, including uploading a copy of a valid vaccine card to the state’s Safe Travels website.

Those who were vaccinated outside of the state are still required to take and pass a coronavirus test within 72 hours of departure to Hawai´i to avoid quarantine. Once they have arrived and fulfilled all requirements, those travelers can move between islands absent any restrictions.

As of June 13, the Hawai´i Department of Health reported that 55% of the population was fully vaccinated, with at least 61% having initiated the inoculation process.

Step 2 of Rollback Plan

When the fully vaccinated population reaches 60% across all islands, Governor Ige said the state will have enough protection to allow for step 2 of his rollback plan.

This would mean that any trans-Pacific travelers coming to Hawai´i from someplace in the US or its territories will be allowed to forego testing and quarantine requirements simply by producing their hand-held vaccination cards. Where they were vaccinated will not matter, as long as it was somewhere inside the US.

The Safe Travels Program will end entirely when the state reaches a fully vaccinated rate of 70% of its residents. This is also when indoor mask restrictions will be abolished. However, the governor reserved the right to alter that benchmark.

“I can, and will, change policies based on health conditions we see and the rate of virus circulating in our community,” Ige said.

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