Why We Will Never Recommend a Three-Night Cruise

There’s a lot of things we love about cruising. Three-night cruises are not one of them.

We love to travel. If you are new around here, you might not know but we travel a lot and a number of our travels take us to Disney. Disneyland, Disney World and Disney Cruise.

Our first ever cruise was aboard a Disney Cruise Line vessel. We did what is referred to as a Land and Sea adventure. We went to Walt Disney World for a few days then took Disney transportation to Port Canaveral. Here we boarded The Disney Dream for a three-night cruise in the Bahamas.

To be frank, within three hours of boarding our first cruise, I told my husband I would never take a three-night cruise again.

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To cruise, for me, is to embrace a different level of relaxation. I want to kick back, relax, take my time, enjoy new things and a three-night cruise doesn’t allow for any of that. At least not in our opinion.

We selected a three-night cruise because neither of us had ever cruised before and I actually had a crazy fear of cruising. I say crazy because my fear was not being on the water, being in the ocean or being on a ship… it was a very specific and irrational fear.

The first thing for us was, for a three-night cruise, it was a waste to unpack. This could be a bit of a controversial outlook. A lot of people say that unpacking allows them to relax in their stateroom etc. If we are only cruising for three days, we have no desire to relax in our stateroom. We didn’t pay all that money to sit in our stateroom. So why would we unpack for basically 48 hours? We wouldn’t.

Second is that the first few hours on board a cruise ship is complete chaos.

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When we first boarded the ship, it was crazy. Loud, running, yelling, we had no idea where we were going or where anything was. In fact, when we disembarked we commented that we never got our bearings really. Everyone is running around trying to get settled, eating, then there is the mandatory safety drill that without fail, several staterooms decide that mandatory doesn’t apply to them and they try to dodge it.

Here’s a little piece of advice… the mandatory safety drill is mandatory for everyone. Not mandatory for everyone except you. It doesn’t matter if your two-year is napping, if you are hungry, if you’re tired or whatever your excuse is. You have to go to the drill. Everyone in your party has to go to the drill. The faster you accept it and show up, the faster everyone can be done with it.

For our three-night cruise, we had two ports. The first day was Nassau and the second day was Castaway Cay.

We didn’t get off the ship at Nassau because we wanted to see more of the ship and experience more of that. Having no true at-sea days, you miss out on several experiences. Palo Brunch is an amazing adults-only experience offered onboard Disney Cruises and it’s only offered during at-sea days.

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Now, there is an exception to the three-night cruise recommendation for us. If we lived in Florida. If we were locals, this would be an option for a great long weekend. But otherwise to us, it’s far more worth it to save money for a longer, more relaxing and worth while cruise experience.

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We also have another go-around for this. Book a back-to-back cruise. You still have to embark and disembark but basically if your ship, like The brand new Disney Wish does three and four-night cruises, you can book a back-to-back cruise and have yourself a hybrid 7 night cruise.

So, that’s it. Save your money for a longer cruise if you are able to. Unless you are doing a back-to-back cruise or are a local.

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