Character Meetings at Epcot

Slowly many of the character cavalcades have changed at Epcot. Eventually, we are confident that traditional meet and greets will return to all the parks and of course to Disney Cruise Line. Right now, Epcot is one of the first parks to make major changes to character interactions.

Anna and Elsa, who for a while made their way around World Showcase for a small parade are now meeting in Norway. Guests are not able to line up and directly interact with them but they are able to see them and take photos. It is a different type of character interaction but we are thankful the characters are around and interactive.

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In addition, characters like Winnie the Pooh, Alice, Joy and others are available for sweet interactions around Epcot.

Now, we know that as of May 5, guests will no longer see Mickey and friends in their cavalcade but instead will be able to catch them at the front of the park in the Epcot entrance plaza. This will be similar to the interactions at Magic Kingdom with random characters on the train station throughout the day.

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Pluto, Goofy, and Minnie have been making appearances around the front of Epcot for some time. it’s exciting that the Big Boss Mouse will now join them.

It is difficult for the cavalcades to make their way around Epcot. It’s a more cramped park area and with crowds increasing this makes more sense for them.

The princess cavalcade is the last one at Epcot and the future of that one is unknown but for now it remains.

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