Entertainment, Adults Only and Staterooms On The Disney Wish

This is the third installment of our deep dive into what we know about The Disney Wish so far.

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In terms of entertainment Disney of course sets the bar! So naturally they will be bringing world-class entertainment options to the high seas. On the Disney Wish there will be immersive entertainment at ever turn.

The design of the Walt Disney Theater is inspired by a magical forest. There will be two brand new original shows debuting on The Disney Wish. Details were scarce about this but will be released soon.

We do know that Disney’s Aladdin is being reimagined and will be shown on this ship.

There will be three brand new entertainment concepts on board this ship. Meaning there will be more ways for families to play together, hang together and make magical memories. The Grand Hall Stage is an new conecpt for the atrium and is located at the heart of the ship for fun theaterical surprises.

Luna is a space that will take entertainment on board the ship from day to night and Hero Zone is a futuritstic arena of entertainment. Disney will share more information coming later this year.

Adults Only

Disney isn’t just for kids. Adults are an important part of Disney and The Disney Cruise Line and they have curated an exceptional collection of Disney experiences for adults.

One of the experiences will be out of this galaxy. There will an adults only Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, this one-of-a-kind lounge is a luxury spaceship with out of this galaxy beverages and amazing other worldly views just for adults.

But what about adults only dining? The Disney Wish will not disappoint.

The Disney Wish will host adult exclusive dining experiences inspired by Beauty and the Beast. A lounge called The Rose is the perfect setting for a cocktail.

Palo Steakhouse featuring decor inspired by Cogsworth. Authenitc itailian dining and refinement of a modern steakhouse.

Then there’s Enchante. The most elegant dining experience inspired by Lumiere. This will be a dining experience with a three-michelin star chef at the helm.

Quiet Cove, the adult exclusive retreat includes an infinity pool and of course there’s Senses Spa for the ultimate in relaxation and revitilization.

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The Staterooms

The staterooms have a brand new look brought to life with classic Disney characters and stories and amazing art work. A dream is, after all, a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep. Each room has been designed with plenty of storange and plenty of amenities.

Conceierge experience will be expanded with additional premium accomodations.

Conceierge experience will be expanded with additional premium accomodations.

Suites will feature the first-ever two-stroy royal suites that include a grand spiral stariclase, stained glass and spectacular views.

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