BREAKING DISNEY NEWS! Disney Skyliner Experiences Another Crash at Loading Dock

We have received a report and the report has been confirmed that the Disney Skyliner gondola system has experienced another crash.

The Skyliner system is the newest transportation system at Walt Disney World and connects several parks and Walt Disney World resorts and is a main form of transportation for many resort guests.

Two gondolas bumped into each other at another docking station on property. This seems similar to the situation that occured at the Riviera Resort station in 2019 just after the inital opening of the system in October 2019.

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The system transports thousands of guests each day and this is only the second incident of any kind.

Although other outlets are attempting to make this into a major malfunction and calling out Disney for “downplaying” the last situation, it does not appear that anyone was injured and the incident appears to be relatively minor.

From the photos, we gather that the incident has occured between one of the wheelchair-accessible gondolas, which has its own dedicated loading area, and a gondola on the main track. The crash appears to have occured as the wheelchair-accessible car returned to the main track.

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Following the initial incident the system was down for an extended period of time as Disney gathered information and re-trained staff on the system.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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