Disney Isn’t Messing Around With Their Rules and Policies

Disney might be the happiest place on earth but for guests who think rules don’t apply to them, the company has no problem removing you from their property.

Since the reopening of Walt Disney World in July 2020, Disney has had strict rules in place and made sure guests were aware and were following their policies and procedures. Signs posted all over Walt Disney World property, verbal announcements over the loudspeakers, castmembers verbally warning guests and even an acknowledgement that must be read through on the My Disney Experience App.

The Disney Collection at Chewy

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The various types of signage details to guests what rules must be followed and specifiying that if guests do not comply or are unruly they will be asked to leave and could even be banned from Disney property.

We have heard several stories about people resisting or flat our refusing to comply with the rules and being escorted out, not allowed in or even arrested. One thing to know about being asked to leave or ejected from Disney, there is a good chance you will be banned for life.

Disney doesn’t mess around with ejections from their parks and they also aren’t messing around with rule enforcement. If you aren’t interested in keeping your mask on over your nose and your mouth, adhering to social distancing rules, or following the other posted rules, this is not the time for you to visit the parks.

There have been some updates to the rules as of late. Disney just updated their mask policy to state that guests are now allowed to remove masks for photos. Guests must be stationary for the picture, they may remove the mask for the picture and then must immediately put the mask back on to cover their nose and mouth.

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Guests are now allowed to remove their masks for stationary photos and to eat and drink in designated places while stationary. Guests are not allowed to wander the parks with a food or beverage item in hand and their mask off.

In the My Disney Experience App, all of the rules for parks and property are outlined. We encourage you to stay up to date on those prior to your trip and to follow them while on Disney property.

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