How The My Disney Experience App Has Evolved

My Disney Experience is a must have for any Walt Disney World vacation. Whether you are a seasoned Disney vet or a newbie, this app helps you navigate parks, wait times, dining and so much more.

Since Disney World has reopened there have been a lot of changes to Disney itself and also to how My Disney Experience can and should be utilized during your Disney visit.

As part of our Everything You Need to Know For Disney World series, we are going to dive into the My Disney Experience App and cover everything you need to know about the app to make planning your trip easier and better and going on your trip less stressful.

So, how has My Disney Experience changed and also how you should be utilizing it whenever you are in Disney World or planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

Some of the most utilized aspects of the app are the features that allow guests to check wait times at every theme park in real time, making dining reservations and when available booking Fast Passes.

You can do all of these while not in the park. Sitting on your couch you can check real-time wait times at all Walt Disney World theme parks, check for available dining on your trip and really get a feel of what the parks could be like when you are there. This really helps when in the planning process of your trip prior to arriving for your trip and of course is useful when you are at Disney.

With Disney not allowing Fast Passes and many dining places limited in capacity and hours or even not open yet, what are some of the ways you can use My Disney Experience to make your trip easier and less stressful?

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We already talked about using the app for wait times but with Fast Pass not being available it is really important to know what the times are and what the most popular attractions are so that you can plan your day. Because right now, you’re spending a lot of time in lines that you wouldn’t have previously when Fast Pass was available. Know which park you are going to, which you have to anyway because you need a theme park reservation and know the most popular attractions and have a plan of attack for hitting those attractions early or late.

The best plan of action would be to get there early, at rope drop and head to the attraction you want that is popular at each park or wait until the end of the day and hope the wait times have gone down drastically because they typically do.


With the pandemic Disney has decreased a lot of high-touch experiences at least temporarily. That means that guests can take advantage of mobile check-in for a variety of experiences. From resort check-in that can be done entirely through the app, to mobile order for quick service and mobile check-in for table service as well.

All of this can be done on the app.

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For Mobile Ordering, select your desired dining location and order your food and drinks. When you are ready to pick up your meal select “prepare my order” and your order will be ready in a matter of minutes. Be aware with this option though that some places like Woody’s Lunch Box are filling up quickly. You may have to select your dining time early in the day.

To check in for a table service dining reservation guests can either scan the QR code that is printed at the host podium which will direct you to the check-in system, or open the app, find the reservation and check-in from there. The app actually gives you a prompt that it is time to check in for your dining reservation about 15 minutes prior so that you can get it taken care of.


A new function added to the app post closure is the walk-up waitlist. It allows guests to check to see which restaurants have available seating and are accepting walk-in reservations. To check availability simply tap “Check Dining Availability” on the app, enter today’s date and hit “Now” under the “Search by Time” tab. This will pull up a list of restaurants that accept walk-in reservations at that time.


In order to limit the number of people going to and from the Walt Disney World resorts, Disney World is now allowing guests to order to-go meals from some table service restaurants. To see which places are offering this service find “Order Food” and scroll to the restaurant of your choice that have the “to go” designation.


We’ve talked extensively about the Theme Park Reservation system. In order to get into a Disney theme park, you have to have a theme park reservation. In order to park hop you must not only have a park ticket that allows for park hopping but you also must first visit the theme park for which you made a them park reservation for.

Don’t forget that in order to make a theme park reservation you must have a valid theme park ticket for that day linked to your Disney account. Theme park reservations can be made online but they can also be made in the My Disney Experience app. First tap the “+” and then “Make a Park Reservation.”

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Although we are big fans of the tangible festival guides that Epcot gives out for every festival, guests can now access all of that information right in the My Disney Experience app. This includes all of the menus, merchandise locations, entertainment guides and more.


The most coveted attraction at Walt Disney World is Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World. This attraction doesn’t have a traditional queue that you stand in line for. Instead Disney opted for a virtual queue. Guests log on at 7 am and 1 pm daily to try to get a boarding time number to get on Rise of the Resistance each day. This is all done though the My Disney Experience app.

Disney has updated the virtual queue system so that guests don’t even have to be in the park to try for the reservation. Guests with a valid theme park ticket for Hollywood Studios are able to try for a boarding pass from anywhere at 7 am and 1 pm each day.

The My Disney Experience app allows you to have so much at your fingertips. It really makes the planning and execution of a Disney World trip easy and seamless as long as you understand how the app works and how it can work for you.

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We highly encourage you to play around with the app long before your trip. Not only because it is how you can book your dining reservations and your theme park reservations in advance but because it is a really good idea to become familiar with the app and how you can use it to your advantage during your trip.

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