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Universal Orlando has finally announced the opening date for Jurassic World VelociCoaster. Testing has been underway for the high-flying coaster for some time now and anticipation has been building to know when this latest thrill ride will open.

​Universal has announced that the ride, located in the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure, will open to the public on June 10. VelociCoaster will be the first coaster based on the Jurassic World franchise and feature characters from the films.

“The hunt begins June 10!,” Universal wrote in a tweet. They went on to call this new ride a “new species of roller coaster.”

Check out this teaser video of the ride.

Those on the attraction will board cool new ride vehicles and find themselves racing through a raptor paddock, reaching a top speed of 70 mph, feeling “the rush of the hunt.”

The highlight of the coaster, which can been seen from across the lagoon when visitors first enter the park, is the “top hat.” Riders will be propelled up 155 feet into the air before plunging into an 80-degree drop. The coaster will also feature a zero-gravity inverted stall and a 360-degree barrel roll above the park’s lagoon.

Perhaps the most heart racing part of the attraction is tha riders will experience every drop, twist and turn with just a lap bar holding them in place. There are no shoulder restraints.

The attractions features more than 4,700 feet of ride track and riders will reach heights of up to 155 feet. There are launches within the velociraptor paddock and the rides accelerates through two launches. The fastest launch will reach 70 mph in just 2.4 seconds. There is also a unique barrel roll directly above Islands of Adventure lagoon. Riders will also have 12 seconds of airtime and weightlessness throughout their ride.

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