Ipsy Glam Bag X Is It Worth It?

IPSY has a new Glam Bag offering and we tried it out. Is it worth the price?

I have been receiving an Ipsy Glam bag, Ipsy Glam Bag plus or both for over a year now. Recently, I decided to give the Ipsy Glam Bag X a try. As with many other beauty subscription boxes, Ipsy offers various price points for bag that include a wide array of beauty and skincare products.

The Ipsy Glam Bag X is essentially Ipsy’s version of Boxy Charm Luxe. This was my first time receiving the Glam Bag X as it was the first time it was offered. The bag is available quarterly For a cost of $55. For 2021, the bags will drop in February, May, August, and November.

For the months it is available, the Glam Bag X replaces your usual monthly bag, either your Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus; if you have both, it replaces your Glam Bag Plus. Your Glam Bag X is valued at up to $350 and is just $55/quarter—which breaks down to only an additional $43/shipment for Glam Bag members and $30/shipment for Glam Bag Plus members during upgrade months.

In my box I received a newspaper called Glam Bag X. This months box was curated by Patrick Ta. If you aren’t familiar with Patrick Ta, he is a makeup artist to stars like Gigi Hadid. He has turned his art into a brand and now has his own beauty line.

There was an article in the paper explaining Ta’s reasonings behind the selections in the box. “ In addition to a couple of hero products from my line…I included a few products from other artist-founded brands that inspire me.” Said Ta in the article.

In addition, it stated that your bag would contain items that could accumulatively be valued as high as $428.

Each box contained one of two products from Ta himself and Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs and Halsey’s new line. In addition, there were several other products in the box as well. I have to say right off the bat this was an amazing box. The products I received, I was able to customize as is the case with most Ipsy bags and I received products I will definitely use.

First, let’s go through all of the items I received in my bag and their MSRP. Then, we’re going to create a look using everything in my box.

Let’s get started.

The first product and the one I was most excited about was the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette. If you follow along with my blog you probably already know I love Huda Beauty palettes. I love the formula, the color stories, the looks, I love them. Huda Beauty palettes are not inexpensive. This palette retails for $65, already more than double what I paid for this box.

This palette is incredibly versatile and comes with 18 shades. The shades range from nudes to dusty pinks, mauves, gold and even black. There is a great mix of shimmers, metallics and mattes that allow for endless creativity. I love this palette in all seasons. I can easily go from Spring to Summer to fall and even winter creating great looks with this.

Next up, I received a Patrick Ta blush. I love receiving blushes and I will say this blush is a bit bland for me, I prefer a deeper rosy shade or a brighter pink but I actually really liked it once I tried it on and have been reaching for it frequently. This blush is valued at $32. The formula is great. A little goes a long way and provides just he right dimension to the cheeks.

The only product I was disappointed about was this next one. From Halsey’s About-Face I received a deep plum purple matte lipstick. In the newspaper describing all the products there were several shades you could receive and I’m just not a purple lipstick girl. I like pinks and once in a while a red. The formula for this was awesome though. It stayed… it stayed a long time and it was a creamy matte that didn’t flake off or move. I only wish I had received a color I was more likely to use. I won’t reach for this and for $22, I wish I would.

The Pat McGrath Labs Mascara got me so excited. I love Pat McGrath and rarely splurge on her items because they are listed at such a high price point. I have one palette from her and I absolutely love it. It was so dreamy and so perfect but I just find it hard to justify the price. So, to see a Pat McGrath item in a box blew my mind. The FetishEyes Mascara is valued at $30. We didn’t receive the full-size version but I actually don’t mind receiving smaller sizes as they are easy to travel with and it makes it easier for me to hit pan on them and actually use up an entire tube of mascara since I own so many.

The Complex Culture Sonic T-Bar Facial Massager was next. I like these products. I have really gotten so much more into skincare in the last year and I appreciate receiving great skincare products or products that help me maximize my skincare routine. I use this at night to work in my serums. This product was valued at $58. Just an FYI, I would not spend $58 on this but I do appreciate getting it in a bag like this to switch things up.

That’s it for Patrick Ta’s selections. I received three additional products in my bag. These products you were able to choose from a selection of Glam Bag X Exclusives. There was a Tula Beauty eye balm, a Yensa eye cream and a Private Doctor Define Minus Serum. I don’t like Tula products and I have received a lot of Yensa products and they don’t do anything for me so I chose the Private Doctor serum. I was actually really surprised to like this product. I switch up my skincare routine quite frequently and am always open to trying new products. I have used this several times now and I am enjoying it. This product retails for $49 and I will be adding it to my regular routine until it’s gone.

The next selection was a haircare product. I don’t remember getting a lot of haircare products in past bags. I have very dry and brittle hair at the ends since my hair is very processed so it takes a lot to keep my locks not looking scraggly. I put a hair mask on almost everytime I wash my hair and I use creams and serums to try to lock in moisture on the ends. I selected the Saints and Sinners Haircare Illuminati Divine Shine Serum. This product retails for $27.50. First of all I love the smell. It smells delicious. Second, it has holographic sparkles all throughout it which you know I am here for. If it was appropriate for a woman in her 30’s to wear glitter everywhere all the time, I would do it. You don’t see the glitter in your hair once it is applied. I have been applying this after I wash my hair when it is wet and then also in the mornings if I need a little extra shine. It doesn’t make my hair greasy. It smells amazing and it seems to help my ends. All in all, it’s a winner for me.

I received an additional product that was not listed in the newspaper. I received a small beauty blender. I don’t know the retail value of it. I know we receive a lot of beauty sponges in these boxes and bags but I love them. I go through them so fast and do not keep mine around after a couple washes so I blow through them and always appreciate a new one. Especially this one. It’s perfect for travel and it’s hot pink.

So the grand total for my bag minus the beauty blender because I don’t know the price of it was $283.50. Definitely not the $428 you could receive but I was really happy with my box and I received a lot of products I am actually using. The only one I don’t use is the lipstick and that’s just because it’s not my color preference.

I also wish I had received the lash serum. I am a lash serum junkie. I love them. I swear by a couple good ones and I can’t get enough of them. The Base Lash Essential Serum retails for $120 so it better make my lashes look like they did when I was 15 if not better but I would have loved to try that one out.

I would absolutely recommend trying the Glam Bag X if you are into subscription boxes. I received great products that I use and will purchase the bag again.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you stay tuned for more blogs like this one coming up.

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