3 of The Best Booths at Taste of International Flower and Garden Festival

The Taste of International Flower and Garden Festival is underway and we were there opening day trying all the amazing and some of the not so amazing food, checking out the fun, of course the photo opportunities and taking in all the beautiful flowers.

We previously posted about the kitchens and items we were most excited to try. During opening day of the festival we were able to try so many dishes and we are here to tell you about the items we loved and the kitchens that make this year’s Taste of Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

There are 20 kitchens at this year’s festival and we found a lot of winners.

Let’s start with this year’s stand out booth. It’s a brand new kitchen for 2021 and we were absolutely blown away by every single thing at this kitchen. This is a must-stop on our list.

Epcot Sunshine Griddle

This kitchen is located in Future World East near Test Track and should not be missed. This booth features tastes of brunch. Here you can find some of your favorite brunch items as part of the festival. The only thing missing from this booth was the perfect compliment to any brunch, sparkling wine or mimosas. This would have been the perfect kitchen to offer a variety of Florida’s delicious sparkling wines.

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This was one of our last stops of the day and we are so glad we made this stop. When we hear avocado toast we have to admit, we roll our eyes. Avocado toast might be all the rage but it’s nothing to write home about. Until now. This dish was so simple, so fresh and so incredible. We could get this again and again and again.

The dish consisted of mashed avocado seasoned well on ciabatta bread. This was a hefty portion for the price. Set on the avocado were marinated toybox tomatoes, watermelon radish which gave the dish a nice crunch and tangy goat cheese. This dish was flavorful and fresh, perfect for a hot Florida day.

Corned Beef Brisket Hash is not new to the festival. Several booths and festivals have offered a version of this dish. We were excited to see this savory dish highlighted at this festival. This was a hearty dish, filling and packed with a ton of brunch-like flavor. Served with potato barrels, cheese cruds and a Tobasco hollandaise sauce, there was just enough kick to make it exciting but you could make a whole meal out of this booth.

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We also tried the Fruit Loops shake which looked suspiciously like Blue Milk. This bright blue concoction was creamy and fruity and topped with Fruit Loops, we actually really enjoyed this. Perfect for any age, this classic cereal treat really hit the spot.

Hanami Kitchen

Located in the Japan Pavilion Offered More Than Simple Frushi This Year. We have never understood the draw of Frushi. We love these festivals because it gets us out of our comfort zone. We are all about trying new foods and these festivals provide the perfect opportunity for it. Fruit wrapped in rice is not it for us. However, this year, this kitchen is also offering the Soy-Glazed Pork Shank.

We enjoyed day one of this festival with friends and our friends actually said that this dish was the best thing they had all day yesterday. We really enjoyed it as well. The pork was fall-off-thebone tender with a delicious and flavorful soy glaze. The pork was served on a bed of truffle mashed potatoes and came with garlic chips which offered a great crunch and texture.

We also tried the Shrimp and Crab which was a naked California roll. This was a heaping mound of shrimp and (imitation) crab meat served atop a slice of cucumber with a dollop of creamy avocado on top and a dollop of violet sauce on the side.

The violet sauce tasted, to us like a poppyseed sauce but the whole dish really came together for us and was a terrific compliment to the pork shank.

Wash it down with the Blood Orange Sour with Fresh Mint. This was a refreshing and brilliantly colored drink served in a champagne flute. The taste of blood orange was strong and delicious and the mint offered a nice fresh accompaniment.

Festival Favorites

If you can only hit up one more kitchen at this year’s festival, we’re going to recommend you make that kitchen the Festival Favorites booth located in World Showplace. World Showplace, during many festivals has been home to a number of awesome culinary experiences and demonstrations. Similar to what used to be the festival center for a number of Epcot festivals.

More recently, it has housed some additional kitchens and a great opportunity to get out of the sun. This building offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the festival. You can learn how the topiaries are created and there was even live music.

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From the Festival Favorites kitchen you will find some of the top dishes from festivals past and some of our favorites made the cut. We recommend trying each of the foodie dishes at this booth.

From the Watermelon Salad to the Beef Brisket Slider, there are no wrong choices here.

The Watermelon Salad is packed with fresh taste. It comes with pickled onions and feta cheese which give it a great tang and bite which works well with the sweet fruit.

The Fried Green Tomatoes is served with a blue crab fennel salad which provides a fresh take on this classic dish. Fennel has a nice bite to it and of course blue crab is light, delicate and sweet in flavor. Served with a remoulade which is a mayonnaise based sauce this dish is a palate pleaser for sure.

The Beef Brisket with Burnt Ends and Smoked Pork Belly slider was previously found in the kitchen in the America Pavilion. This year it is here and includes a number of different meats all packaged in one slider. Beef brisket, garlic sausage, chorizo and pork belly all served with a cheese fondue and a pickle. If you’re here for the meats, this gives you the meats.

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Those are our picks for the top three festival kitchens from the 2021 Taste of Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. There are a number of other tasty items and of course other amazing things to see and do at this year’s fan favorite festival and we will be covering them all.

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