Massive Transformation Coming to Nassau Bahamas

Nassau is one Bahamian destination that is not a must-stop for many cruise guests.

But, that could all be about to change with a massive project that is set to transform Nassau into an amazing destination worthy of a cruise stop.

This $250 million project is being sold as a game changing transformation for this overlooked island. The project will completely change Nassau’s Prince George Wharf cruise port.

Global Ports Holding, a leading global cruise port operator, has been selected to spearhead the project. The company also operates ports in Havana, Cuba and in Antigua

“This project marks the beginning of a new Bahamian success story,” said Mehmet Kutman, Chairman of Global Ports Holding, “The Government of the Bahamas is opening doors to create the kinds of opportunities that will make life better for all Bahamians. As the successful bidder for the cruise port project, we are extremely pleased and honored to have been selected as the Government’s partners in this transformational process.”

The plan is to turn Nassau into a world class destination complete with amazing waterfront entertainment and excursions and even a concert venue. The port itself will be reconfigured to house what are called mega-births that will be large enough to hold even the world’s largest cruise ships.

“We want to make Nassau a port where people really want to come to again,” said Colin Murphy, GPH Head of Business Development for the Americas.

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