Bill Introduced in California to Reopen Theme Parks

California Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) announced Thursday that she would co-sponsor a bipartisan bill with Suzette Valladares (R-Santa Clarita). The bill would require the state to let all theme parks reopen in the same tier of COVID guidelines.

Supporters of the bill say the goal of California Assembly Bill 420 is to adjust the state guidelines to allow all amusement parks — regardless of size — to open safely within the same tier.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s controversial Blueprint for a Safer Economy allows small theme parks, with less than 15,000 visitor capacity, to reopen when the state hits the orange or moderate tier.

Larger parks like Disneyland and Universal would not be allowed to reopen until the state achieves the yellow tier, meaning a minimal level of COVID infections. Which could mean many months of continued closure and no answeres for thousands of individuals and businesses trying to survive with little to no direction or assistance from California’s Government.

Today, we introduced AB420 #safethemeparkreopening bill that would allow both small & large theme parks to open under the same Moderate Orange Tier. #reopen #CALeg

Please visit my site to learn more about the legislation and more.

— Sharon Quirk-Silva (@QuirkSilva65th) February 5, 2021

“As a veteran of the theme park industry, I intimately understand their operations, their procedures, and their ability to move people and keep them safe,” said Martinez-Valladares. “The industry, and Six Flags Magic Mountain in my district, has been closed for nearly a year, while parks in other states have been open to the public and serving them safely.

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Parks in other states are operating under stict safety guidelines and have assured California they could and would do so in that state.

Governor Newsom’s utter failure to support his state and the people in it during this pandemic has initiated a massive recall effort that has gained momentum as of late as the Governor continues to flounder in his inability to lead or provide any guidance to individuals and businesses struggling to survive.

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