Travel to Florida. A Raw Review.

We travel to Florida a lot. In a not 2020 year, we travel to Florida upwards of six or seven times a year. We have done so for over five years and we love it.

2020 has been interesting to say the least. Travel is obviously not even close to the most important issue of this year but as we start to take to the skies and the roads again, we wanted to share our experience on our most recent trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Here’s the truth from our perspective. Please remember that everyone is different and their level of comfortability varies depending on the situation. Traveling to Central Florida is interesting. Our recent trip was our second to Florida since the shutdown of Walt Disney World and we feel 100% comfortable staying, on Disney property, in the parks and at the resorts.

When we ventured off property or to Disney Springs on a weekend, it was an entirely different story.

Coming from Colorado, where our state requires masks of all people whenever indoors, whether it’s a gym, a store, anything, gyms are currently operating at 10 people or less, we had no indoor dining for a few months,. It has recently opened up in the last couple of weeks at low capacity but it’s currently 4 degrees outside… no one is trying to eat outside.

Going to Walt Disney World in and of itself is a lot of people for us in 2020. It’s a lot of stimulation when you haven’t been around people for months and it’s definitely a different world than where most of us are living currently.

Of the two of us, my husband and I, traveling during the pandemic doesn’t cause me anxiety. I have no problem going to my gym with all the precautions that are in place and I’ve dined indoors back a few months ago when we were able to do so.

I have far less reservations than my husband. Neither of us is wrong or right, it’s just different levels of comfortability.

Our fall trip to Disney included a number of trips to Disney Springs. Although there were definitely more people, it wasn’t uncomfortable. We waited in a 25 minute line for World of Disney, we dined inside and out, it wasn’t an issue.

On our recent trip, we decided to make a trip to Disney Springs in the middle of a park day to grab a Bourbon on th Rocks cookie from Polite Pig and go to a few stores.

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For this trip, we rented a car, not something we normally do as we usually just utilize Disney transportation but decided that since there is currently no Minnie Van service, it was easier to rent a car then wait for a bus.

We parked in the Lime garage, mostly because it was closest to where we were going. In Disney Springs, everyone must past a screening point that checks temperatures. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will be refused entry into Disney Springs.

Following the temperature check, we got on the escalators that go down to Disney Springs itself.

That’s when the fun ended for me at Disney Springs on this trip. We had been to Disney Springs multiple times during our October trip and I never felt like there were too many people, too close together and not following the rules. We wandered, we went in stores, I was fine.

This trip was a totally different story.

When we were halfway down the escalator of the Lime Garage to the shopping areas of Disney Springs, I got incredibly uncomfortable. People were everywhere. My husband looked at me and kind of laughed because it was literally the first time I had reacted that way since March to anything or anywhere we were.

Bryson asked me several times if I thought there were more people there than at Magic Kingdom and yes, yes I do. It was a Saturday afternoon so it makes sense. There were tourists and locals all there who may not have had a theme park reservation (they are a little difficult to come by right now for AP’s without a resort reservation).

I’m not saying Disney did anything wrong I think it’s more that I was shaken by the feeling in my stomach from being in a crowd. It’s strange to think about how 2020 has changed us. All of us. Whether you want to admit it or not, 2020 was a doozy and changed the way we view people and ourselves and our surroundings.

We have talked about going outside the Disney bubble for our upcoming trip and we’re still on the fence about it. I know that I wouldn’t be comfortable in a restaurant that is not socially distanced or is seating every table and from what we are seeing from a number of our friends’ videos, that seems to be the norm.

We have plans to visit three places outside of Disney on this trip and we will gauge each according to our level of comfortability.

We see a huge difference in the way Floridians are living compared to Colorado and a number of other places. We talked a lot on our last trip that even the radio station we listened to, a local country station, had a morning host mocking people who were taking the virus seriously.

It really has to do with where you call home. If the place you live is currently more open, larger crowds, people not in masks and more lax guidelines, this is going to be normal for you.

If you are coming from a place that is more strict with pandemic guidelines, it’s going to be a shock and quite honestly for many a little uncomfortable because it’s very different.

The bottom line is just go with your gut. If you aren’t comfortable, that’s okay and quite honestly it’s not worth it. We didn’t have a moment of uncomfortability anywhere on Disney property except that one time at Disney Springs.

Do what you feel comfortable with and don’t apologize for it.

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