Travel 2021: The Balance Between Sanity and Safety

2020 was a year. If there is a person out there who is reflecting on 2020 and is like, that! That was a great year! I want to meet them.

I don’t want to get this virus. I don’t follow the numbers everyday and I’m going to my place of fitness but that is pretty much the extent of my socialization. I wear the mask, I use the sanitizer, I wash and re-wash and then wash my hands again. I carry disinfecting wipes in my car and wipe everything down frequently.

I am living my life as best I can but the precautions that I take aren’t mainly for myself. I take this seriously for my family who is older. My father who is a cancer survivor, suffers from Parkinson’s and is on dialysis. I am far less concerned with getting it than I am with spreading it.

In addition, we strongly monitor who we hang out with and who is invited to our house and who and when we visit family or friends. If we see people on social media hanging out in groups or going to social places or having gatherings, they aren’t invited to our house and we avoid them.

I am a huge proponent in continuing to live our lives but doing so with caution and with strong regard for those around us. This is bigger than us as individuals. This is the chance to make a few key moves and decisions to possibly save the life of someone we love or someone, someone else loves. This is a big deal.

We canceled a number of trips in 2020, all of which were because the places we were going were closed. Once things started to reopen, I was eager to get back to life… with concern and precaution in mind.

I wasn’t nervous for our first trip. We traveled to Orlando. I packed extra sanitizer and disinfectant but I was confident that we were controlling everything we had the ability to control.

I’ve heard a number of people say that we are hypocritical. That we encourage others to wear the masks and follow the rules and here we are jet setting off on vacation.

Let’s talk about that.

Our Pandemic Vacation Rules:

We have a number of rules that we have imposed on ourselves and on those we surround ourselves with that ensure we are taking the utmost care to ensure the health of safety of not just ourselves but those around us or who we might impact who are high risk.

We have traveled out of state during the pandemic. Once in October and again in December. We also have another out of state trip coming up.

We have traveled in state as well. For our anniversary, we rented a cabin in the mountains. For that trip, we took all of our own pots and pans, silverware, dishes, sheets, towels, etc.

Following our trips out of state we quarantined for two weeks. We both work remotely and were able to basically bubble ourselves in our home for two weeks to be safe and be sure we didn’t bring anything from Florida or the airport and transmit it to others.

We will do the same with this trip coming up. Once we return, we will quarantine and will not take part in gatherings with anyone. I do continue to go to my place of fitness because they take your temperature everyday. We sanitize thoroughly and often and are spaced 10 feet apart.

Extra sanitizer at all times:

When I go to stores, I put sanitizer in my pockets, when I go to the gym, I keep it next to me, when we go on vacation, it is on us at all times.


Following our previous trip and following all upcoming trips, we fully quarantine from any elderly or high risk in our lives. We are choosing to travel and with that comes the responsibility to do the right thing to protect the people who are at most risk for contracting the virus.

Bottom Line:

We don’t think or say you shouldn’t travel. We are. But, we take precations and make sacrifices when we come home and we expect those around us to do the same. For the safety of those around us as much if not more than the safety of ourselves.

Vacation is what helps keep up sane and we understand that is the case for others as well. Let’s help each other get through this time but showing compassion, being empathetic, understanding that there are a lof of people suffering and a lot of people who are scared and a lot of people who are overworked. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be kind.

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