Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs Reopens

We announced on January 2 that Gideon’s Bakehouse would be closing following the opening of their shop in Disney Springs. Although the opening was said to be a soft opening, castmembers had told guests they would not be closing and would remain open.

Today, Gideon’s Bakehouse has reopened. The smell of delcious cookies once again wafting through the streets of Disney Springs.

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This is the second location for the master of the sweet treats and nary a negative thing has been heard.

The bakehouse touts delicious 1/2 pound cookies including their original chocolate chip, cookies and cream and peanut butter crunch. The shop also sells amazing and massive layer cakes in flavors like red velvet, chocolate dipped cookie cake and a secret flavor.

We are excited the shop has reopened and look forward to checking it out on our upcoming trip!

For more information visit their website. To keep up to date on their latest flavors and news follow their Instagram.

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