Disneyland Ends Annual Pass Program

Disneyland has announced they will end their Annual Pass Program as the park remains dark after a near year-long closure.

As California continues to struggle to control the current COVID-19 pandemic and the state government refuses to provide businesses and individuals with lifelines to make a living or put food on the table and instead simply extends stay-at-home orders with no assistance being offered to stop the economic spiral the state is in, Disneyland remains closed.

To many, Disneyland being closed just means that a theme park and a large corporation keeps it doors closed. The impact of this theme park has massive implications on the entire economy of southern California. One of the largest employers and the single largest economic contributor to Southern California doesn’t just affect The Walt Disney Company. This closure is detrimental to small businesses, other large corporations and most importantly individuals.

Disney has now announced they will cancel their Annual Passholder program for Disneyland effective immediately.

Below is the letter being sent to Disneyland Annual Passholders.

A Few Key Takeaways

Disney will be developing new membership programs during this time of closure.

Annual Passholders who help active passports as of March 14, 2020 will continue to receive discounts on merchandise, food and beverages at Downtown Disney and on Buena Vista Street.

Disney will issue pro-rated refunds on existing passes.

The Bottom Line

While many will say this reflects poorly on Disney or that it isn’t a big deal because it’s “just a theme park,” this has huge implications for the economy of the surrounding areas.

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Disney is likely to remain shuttered for many more months causing further financial strain for thousands of Californians. Many local businesses will not recover from the lack of action and disregard from California’s state government and governor.

There is a happy medium. While we understand the strain and pain being felt by those suffering from the virus and the frontline workers busting their asses to protect and save, people have to live. People have to feed their families and they need hope.

Built Bar

California’s government is not offering any hope and Disney is a symbol of hope and is literal hope for thousands of employees, small businesses and for the state.

Our hearts go out to all those suffering at the hands of California’s inept government. A government who has had so many “leaders” ignoring their own advice and rules because they believe they are above those who put them in office.

We have no doubt some form of a passholder program or membership program will return once the doors reopen. This is bigger than a passholder program. This move, as well as Disney’s rumored moving many of their offices and positions out of the state for good will have long lasting consequences on the state.

When the people of California are finally allowed to venture out and begin to rebuild their lives and livlihoods, how much devastation will be left in the wake of a government that refuses to act in the best interests of their citizens?

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