Disney’s Magical Express to End Service in 2022

With the reopening of Walt Disney World following an extended closure we have seen a number of changes to services Disney offers. Our favorite service from Disney is coming to a permanent end.

When Walt Disney World reopened in July 2020, guests saw changes to Disney’s Magical Express service. The service was no longer offering to pick up guest luggage and deliver it directly to the guest room. We understood that. It limited high contact and therefore was safer.

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We have confirmed that starting in January 2022, Disney will no longer offer their beloved Magical Express Service.

We see this as a poor move. Disney’s Magical Express is one of the things that sets the company apart in terms of service and guest experience. It truly is the start to every magical vacation for us and is something we love. A level of service we expect from Disney. It’s what gives them an edge.

Disney’s service is what sets it apart from competitors and the reasoning given that there is an expansion of options for guests to get to Disney World, including ride-share services is a cop out.

Disney has also discontinued indefinitely their Minnie Van service which was their response to Uber and Lyft but with a far superior guest experience.

We’re curious what expanded services they are referring to unless they have a plan to bring back Minnie Van and offer more reasonably priced rides to and from the airport.

We do know that Disney and Brightline have agreed to an agreement for a high speed rail station that will take guests from the airport to Disney Springs but how are guests going to get from Disney Springs to their resorts?

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We are searching for answers and will bring those to you as they come available.

We know that Disney needs to tighten the belt and we know that Bob Chapek is a fan of tightening it beyond what Bob Iger would want and would implement but this could be a slippery slope for Disney.

Guest experience is what sets Disney apart as we mentioned above. To start chipping away at that is a bad choice that will likely bring negative consequences for the theme parks from lifelong guests who 1, don’t like change and 2, have a level of expectations for the company that the company itself set and is expected to maintain.

Don’t sacrifice guest experience to hit your bottom line Disney.

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