Coming to Magic Kingdom in 2021

New year new adventures. Even following an unprecedented year for the company, Disney has big plans for 2021.

This is a big year for Walt Disney World. Even with many of the grandiose projects scaled back, there is plenty going on at Walt Disney World in 2021 and beyond.

The 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort is this year. Opening day of Magic Kingdom was October 21, 2021 and that is the day that Disney World will begin their 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Several improvements are already visable around Walt Disney World property. It’s a Small World in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom has received a face lift and upgrades to the facade are already on display.

Walt Disney World and Magic Kingdom have new signage around property. New paint jobs at the large entrances and parking booths for Magic Kingdom are complete.

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Tron Light Cycle Power Coaster is coming along following it’s extensive delay during the shutdowns in 2020. This is one of the most highly anticipated projects coming down the pipeline at Walt Disney World. 2020 saw a halt in construction progress but in the last few months both this and Guardians of the Galaxy over in Epcot have really come along.


It was always speculated that these two attractions would open in time for the 50th Anniversary, but neither attractions have an opening date at this time. We anticipate Disney to hold off opening this and the other big ticket item Guardians of the Galaxy until they can hold a big celebration and pack the house.

In fact, both projects have been removed from the project lineup for the company in 2021. This leads us to believe they will hold off on the project opening until they can book resorts and really capitalize on the opening making it a major event which is what we have been saying since

Bottom line on these two is that we anticipate both being held off until 2022. If not, it will be very late 2021 and that’s if construction moves swiftly, restrictions begin to loosen around the country and vaccines become readily available.

For the anniversary, we will also see brand new statues installed throughout Walt Disney World. These statues will be similar to the adorable character statues found around the hub at Magic Kingdom and also on the West coast at Disneyland, but will be larger.

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Although the castle has already received her 50th Anniversary glow up, additional details will be added to the castle in time for the start of the 50th celebration.

Disney has been mum on the details of this project but we love the new paint job on the castle and are excited to see what details are still to be added. We expect the color scheme to be similar to the new colors decking out the entrances and Magic Kingdom parking booths.

Permits have already been filed for this work on the castle so work could start soon as they get that project underway.

For the 50th, we expect a shiny new celebratory fireworks spectacular. Although at the moment, we have no fireworks at Disney, we expect that to return to Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom in 2021.

With that, we think Disney will introduce a limited engagement 50th Anniversary fireworks and castle show to celebrate.

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Not at Magic Kingdom but The Galactic Starcruise, the one-of-a-kind immerseive Star Wars Hotel should be opening this year. The Walt Disney Company has made no secret of the fact that this project has remained at the forefront of the company’s priorities. The focus is on completeing this hotel and we fully expect it to open in early to mid 2021.


This would keep this project on track to open despite the challenges of 2020. Back in November 2019, we learned this will be a limited vacation experience as guests will check in for a two-night adventure aboard this immersive out of this galaxy ship and that it was slated to open in 2021.

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