Hits and Misses: Review of Seven Sweet Holiday Treats From Walt Disney World

We just went to Disney. It was amazing. It was different of course but it was amazing. One of the best things about Disney… okay it really isn’t but it is a great perk, are the treats!

Disney really brings it for the treats and the holidays are no exception. There were some very Instagrammable, delicious and festive looking treats this season that had us in a holly jolly mood.

Great news! These treats are still available through the end of the year at Disney Parks and Resorts. We tried seven of these little babies and we have some hits and a few misses… in our not so humble opinion of course.

Let’s get started.

Over at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom we had An Orange Bird Christmas. This little and we mean little buddy was an orange-scented white chocolate mousse filled with orange curd .

We absolutely loved this dessert. It was the best holiday dessert we tried in Walt Disney World. Our only complaint is that it is tiny. Like teeny tiny. Come on Disney, you could have doubled the size and still made a few bucks off of us.

If this baby comes back next year, we are NOT splitting it. Bryson has to get his own.

I was so skeptical of this cupcake. This treat was also available at Magic Kingdom at Main Street Bakery. I took a lot of photos and bought a spirit jersey while Bryson waited in line for this gem.

It was worth it though. We really enjoyed it. We have to give a huge shoutout to Disney for not making that entire tree icing… which would have been the case in years past. This cupcake was delicious and moist and the inside of this white cupcake included a red velvet hidden Mickey.

This was a home run for the pastry chefs at Disney World. Well done. Bravo.

Disney cupcakes tend to be really dry. Not this one! Both the white cake and the red velvet cake were moist and delicious. The icing was great too. Disney goes super sweet with their frostings which I appreciate and this cupcake just really came together. And it was super cute!

Here we go with our first miss.We absolutely love the carrot cake cookie that can be found at Trolley Car Cafe in Hollywood Studios. We do not love this holiday version, a red velvet whoopie pie. The cookies are okay, they were a little dry but that buttercream in the center was sweeter than sweet… even for me. It just didn’t come together for us.

We appreciate the effort in this and a lot of people we have talked to did enjoy it but for us this was a fail.

Let’s get happy again! The praline pinecone is back for a second year… because it was so good. This is a super rich and decadent chocolate. It is small but it is so rich, you don’t need any more than this little guy. The praline on the bottom was a nice salty kick to the rich chocolate. We love this dessert, and hope it makes a return for a third year!

Over in Epcot we were excited to once again be able to experience the festivities of the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays. An often overlooked festival, we love this festival. Although it was definitely different this year without Candlelight Processional and the holiday traditions being spotlighted in the various countries around World Showcase it was still full of magic. Especially foodie magic.

One of the treats we tried was the Gingerbread Salted Caramel Buttercream Cookie Sandwich. This treat can be found in the Germany pavilion at Karamell Kuche. Our go-to treat at this shop is the caramel butter bar but we had to give this cookie sandiwich a try.

It was good. The warmth of the gingerbread spices were offset by an insanely sweet salted caramle buttercream. The cookie was quite large. You got a big bang for your buck and because of the sweetness, I actually wasnt able to finish it.

The cookies were soft and chewy which is exactly how I like my gingerbread and we loved the contrast of the salted caramel with the sweet buttercream.

I never thought I, the queen of sugar, would say this but I could have done with a smaller amount of buttercream. It was so sweet and thick that it overpowered the holiday spices in the gingerbread.

Overall, it was a delicious treat, if you like sweet sweet things. We would recommend getting this one to share.

A lot of people don’t know that the Disney resorts get in on the holiday fun as well. Most of the Disney resorts have their own special treats for various times of the year including Christmas.

We stayed at Disneys Old Key West resort for our holiday trip and they had two fun holiday themed cupcakes! I love eggnog. I also know that it is one of those things that you either love or hate.

I was really excited about this eggnog cupcake. One of the many holiday treats that can be found at various resorts around Walt Disney World property. The cake was a chocolate cake with an eggnog frosting.

I enjoyed the flavor of this cupcake. But it was dry. The cupcakes are kept in a cooler and it did become slightly dry before I purchased it but it was still a goof cupcake especially in terms of rich eggnog flavor coupled with the decadent chocolate cake.

Also available at Old Key West is the Pepperming Mocha cupcake. This was a chocolate cake with a thick dome of peppermint mousse (the pink). Bryson loves chocolate and pepermint. There was a cloud of sparkly white buttercream surrounding the mousse and the cake inside was a rich chocolate.

Bryson said the mousse was slightly lacking in peppermint flavor but peppermint is hard to work with. Too much and it tastes like mouthwash. He enjoyed it. It was a lot of mousse but when combined with the chocolate it was a festive party for the mouth.

Those are the seven treats that we tried this year at Walt Disney World.

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