Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts That Wow

The holidays are almost here! Have you finished all your gift buying yet? Before you resort to cash in an envelope or a boring old gift card, we are going to show you some awesome last minute gifts for everyone on your list.

Spa gift

These all natural bath sets are perfect for anyone who needs to take a moment, relax and reset. Each set includes a full size Natural Soap Bar, Facial Clay Mask, Shower steamer, Body Oil, Bath Bomb, Natural Lip Balm, Face Towel, Scented Candle, white sponge and a Gorgeous and elegant box.

Custom Sketches

These sketches are elegant, traditional and black & white so they combine with every decoration style regardless of its color palette. The sketch style captures the subject in a very fresh and casual picture. A perfect, thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.

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Comfy and Cozy Up

How about Glitter Faux Fur Slippers and a Bottle of Wine? I know a number of friends, family and acquaintances who would absolutely love this gift. How simple. I love these eclectic glittery, fuzzy slippers from Old Navy. Pair them with a bottle of wine and you have the perfect gift for so many people.

Monthly Pizza Subscription

Yep! You read it right. There is a monthly PIZZA subscription. You will be the king or queen of gift giving with this gift. Monthly pizza! Wow. That’s all we have to say about that.

Symbollically Adopt An Animal

Organizations like World Wildlife Fund and even local shelters and sanctuary’s have been hard, along with many other industries this year. What better way to give a great gift then by also helping out an endangered animal or an animal activist organization

You can symbollically adopt a variety of species like Koala, Polar Bears, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants and even a Blue Footed Booby through their Species Adoption program.

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Copper Hummingbird Feeder

This stunning feeder, with its beautiful vine-like design will bring tiny hummingbirds from all around to eat. The Perky-Pet looking glass hummingbird feeder features a durable, tempered tinted glass nectar container & 4 Copper flower feeding ports. The nectar container holds 32 fl oz of nectar – plenty for all of the hummingbirds who will flock to it! its tinted glass reservoir makes it easy to Monitor the nectar levels & unscrews easily from the feeder base for quick cleaning & filling. Everyone loves hummingbirds and this gorgeous feeder is the perfect standout gift.

Farmhouse Coffee Mug Tree

I was just thinking the other day that I need to figure out a way to better house my awesome mug collection. They sit in a cupboard and sometimes they sit quite periliously. So, let me introduce you to this one of a kind reclaimed barn wood mug tree. Featuring 8 rustic hooks, rusty screws, and (4) 3.5″ square rough cut reclaimed wood blocks complete with knot holes, dents, and all the character they have gained from years in the elements, this beautifully simple mug tree can hold up to 8 large mugs at one time while only occupying a 15″ X 15″ space. Add a coffee mug fitting for your gift receiver and some gourmet coffee and you have the perfect custom gift.

Night Out IOU

We are going to get through this crazy anti-social year friends. So, why not give your friend or loved one something to look forward to? It also helps out your favorite local restaurant at the same time which is a win-win. If you really want to go all in add a gift card to your favorite (or their favorite) boutique to pick out a special outfit for your amazing night out. I absolutely love everything about this idea. Small businesses are hurting, especially hospitality. Help out a local restaurant and of course everyone wants an excuse for a new outfit. Make someone feel extra special and yes, this is one of the ONLY times we will ever say to get a gift card for anyone. But this, this is a special gift card occasion.

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Monogram Buffalo Plaid Sherpa

Yes! We are so here for this sherpa and it ships fast and is customized. We are all about that customized gift. A sherpa is perfect for anyone (in a chilly climate) in the winter. So soft, so perfect and that buffalo plaid makes it pop.

Last minute gifts that will blow them away. These are just a few outside the box ideas to really bring those gifts home for the holidays.

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