Deck The Halls With Us! Part 1

Welcome back everyone! Today, we are doing something a little different.

We want to invite you into our home to check out our Holiday decor. We love the holidays and decorating for Christmas is a big deal around here. We transform our entire first floor.

I love to make my own Holiday decor and you will see everything from signs to wreaths and more that I have created to festive up our home for the holidays.

We also have an entire YouTube video dedicated to our decorating. This video includes a crative rendition of Twas’ the Night Before Christmas that you do not want to miss.

Now for the photos.

Winter Wonderland

I love creating little lands or stories throughout our house. Around every corner you have a different Christmas story that always catches the eye.

Staircase and Banister

This is one of my favorite spots in the entire house. I purchased these banister decorations this year and draping the garland under the decor was the perfect added touch. I am so in love with these sliding characters down the banister. Unfortunately, I cant find them anywhere anymore but I have been looking to purchase them for several years. Early in the season, starting around August, they can be found on Amazon and LTd Commodities. I highly recommend stalking those sites and snagging them quickly when they become available.

A banister, especially a centrally located dramatic staircase is such a focal point of a house and a room. I love playing it up for the holidays and drawing eyes to it even more than they naturally are. I love to accent the wall with handmade wreaths. Wreaths are one of my favorite projects to create for our house.

Formal Christmas Tree

We have two Christmas trees and our largest, grandest tree is in our formal living room at the front of our house. We decorate this pre-lit Balsam Hill tree with gold, brown, green and red ornaments. We highlight it with just a little touch of Disney with a classic Disney tree skirt and red and black Mickey ornaments. Just 4… just a hint.

We also added a new pup to our holiday family. He is actually an outdoor Christmas decoration from Home Depot but I knew he would be perfect in our formal living room. From outside, you can peak his head, especially when lit up gazing at the Christmas tree.

Formal Living Room

Also in our formal living room is our more rustic decor. We have another outdoor intended decoration brought inside with our mailbox. The mailbox lights up and opens and closes. Weve added a few details to really make it our own.

We also have a variety of Christmas trucks, Santa decorations around including a fishing Santa and a few rustic Santa figures. This room only has natural light during the day but no set light fixture so I add fairy lights to give it a warm holiday glow at night.


Our entry way has a lot going on and tends to get cluttered. I despise clutter but I can’t keep up with it all the time. For the holidays I try to keep our entry way limited to our shoe bin without extra stuff that doesn’t belong… it’s a good goal.

There is a wall separating our formal living room from our dining room in the entry way. For the holidays, I put up a tapestry made my mom and then add a wooden Christmas tree with two pre-lit small trees and a snowman to create an entryway winter wonderland.

Each year, we get a picture of our beloved pups Aspen and Chesney with Santa.

We were thrilled to be able to continue that tradition this year, even with the pandemic. I add all the photos to our entryway table (bought from a market for our wedding) and this year I added a new sign that my mom and I made. The North Pole Bed and Breakfast is open for the season!

That’s it for part 1. Be sure to check out our YouTube video highlighting all of our decorations and stay tuned for part 2.

Thank you for stopping by. We’ll see ya’ real soon. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at ForLoveOfMouse, on Facebook at For The Love of The Mouse and on YouTube at For Love of The Mouse.

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