Walt Disney Company Investor Day Announcements for ESPN and Star

Disney’s Investor Day is here and we have some major announcements from The Walt Disney Company regarding future projects.


First things first, we have a new tier of Disney Plus. Star is a free tier within Disney Plus for subscribers in Europe, Canada, and New Zealand that will be fully integrated into Disney Plus. It will be accessible as the sixth brand tile in the app. Star will carry a number of shows from Disney’s other non-main franchise brands

Star will add a huge collection to Disney Plus including hit series from Disney Television Studios and FX, blockbuster films and library content from the Disney and 21st Century Fo libraries, and exclusive local original content.

Star Will launch in a number of markets in February 2021. Star is set to launch in Japan and South Korea in late 2021.


In early 2021, ESPN+ and all of its programming will become available for viewing directly on Hulu. Users can sign up or enjoy existing ESPN+ subscriptions without ever having to leave the Hulu app!

Beginning in January, a new daily morning program on ESPN+ will recap the previous night’s sports action and go deep on news, highlights, and trending topics.

ESPN and The SEC have struck a new deal that will allow ESPN to exclusive rights to SEC football starting in 2024. This means that ESPN (ABC) now has exclusive rights to any SEC football games that they choose.

ESPN’s Stephen A Smith will host an exclusive new studio show on ESPN+.

Man in the Arena will be a new nine part docu-sersies following the GOAT Tom Brady’s journey to nine Super Bowls.

Season 3 of Peyton’s Places which is produced with NFL Films will return Fall 2021. The show, hosted by Football legend Peyton Manning will also expand to tell the stories of other sports with series hosted by David Ortiz, Ronda Rousey and Eli Manning.

Stay tuned for more information on this and the many other announcements from The Disney Investor Call.

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