Disney Cancels Cruises Through February

Update! Disney Cruise Line has canceled all sailings through March and we expect additional cancelations to come shortly.

It appears, that Disney has canceled sailings on the Disney Cruise Line through February.

This morning, our reservation for our February 20, 2021 cruise on the Disney Fantasy no longer appears on our booked cruise reservations. This is a new development from last night.

Last week, Disney canceled all sailings through the end of January.

Following an outbreak on a test cruise in the Caribbean, it was expected that cruise lines would continue to cancel cruises until a vaccination was available.

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On Wednesday, Dr Anthony Fauci told CNN that he expects herd immunity from the virus in May or June 2021. It is our thought, though not confirmed by Disney or any other cruise lin that cruises will be postponed until that time.

Earlier this week, Norweigan and Carnival canceled sailings through February and other cruise lines were expected to follow suit.

Cruise Lines under the Cruise Line Internation Association (CLIA) have been operating under umbrella closures but the organization has allowed most cruises to cancel on their own accord.

In November, following the Outbreak on Sea Dream 1, Disney removed all January and February sailings from the reservation site so it was expected that all booked cruises would be canceled.

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We have not received our official cancelation email as of yet but expect to receive that later today or tomorrow.

Disney has operated all parks and entertainment under strict safety and health guidelines.

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Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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