Fireworks Return to Walt Disney World!

We are over the moon that Disney decided to surprise guests with fireworks tonight.

That’s right. For the first time since reopening in July, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom premiered a modified fireworks show on November 25 for guests at the park.

Bob and Ashley

There was no announcement prior to the show and it was a surprise which is likely so Disney could control social distancing better and stay in control of crowds.

The previous week, Disney had done a test run of a fireworks show. We will keep you updated on if the fireworks continue regularly or sporadically.

This is such an exciting return to “normalcy” after a year of craziness.

Check out Procurandoemorlando on Instagram who showed the small show.

It was a small show but a packed a lot of magic.

We weren’t even there and we have tears in our eyes.

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