Updated Messaging at Walt Disney World for COVID-19

Disney has updated signage and messaging around Walt Disney World to tighten restrictions related to health and safety.

Disney has updated signage around Walt Disney World’s popular photo spots to include reminders that masks must be worn in Disney theme parks (as well as anywhere on Disney property) at all times except when eating and drinking. The signage now includes wording that reminds guests that masks must be worn when taking photos.

On our trip to Walt Disney World in October, we did see a fair number of people taking pictures with their masks off. Disney has already addressed that any guests removing masks for PhotoPass shots or on rides will not see those photos show up on their My Disney Experience app.

Now, on the heels of Jason Aldean posting a photo of his family, all sans maks in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, Disney is getting more strict in their wording. Aldean’s photo has since been deleted from his Instagram.

New Disney signs state that

Face coverings must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times including when taking photographs.

In addition, castmembers still roam the parks with handheld signs of similar messaging.

In addition to new signage, Disney also has new messaging addressing mask wearing in lines.

Previously, guests were allowed to hydrate or drink in lines for attractions. Disney has changed their stance. New messaging says that guests can no longer hydrate while waiting in lines even while stationary.

We have an issue with this. It’s important, beyond important to stay hydrated in Disney. We had a really difficult time staying hydrated our our last trip with the new policies and protocols in place and we were hydrating while stationary in lines.

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If wait times are going to continue to increase and guests are waiting 40, 50, 90 minutes for certain attractions, you have to allow them to hydrate.

We are happy to follow Disney rules and fully support and understand them but we hope Disney takes another look at this one. Allow guests to hydrate while stationary in lines, it’s imperative because there really aren’t many other places guests can do so.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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