California Theme Parks to Receive Reopening Guidelines

After weeks of tense exchanges between California Governor Newsom, Walt Disney World and other California theme parks, Newsom has announced that reopening guidelines for California theme parks will be released on October 20.

In a press conference Monday, October 19 California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that his administration would release theme park guidelines on October 20.

Here’s what Newsom had to say:

We’re being very sober, and stubborn about some industries in the state that I know are eager to get guidelines. Tomorrow, Dr. Gahly will update you on some of those industry guidelines including sports and some of these theme parks. We’re going to break up the theme parks. It’s not just one or two brands. It’s many different different parts that are part of the theme park industry. Again, I hope one recognizes our stubbornness on a health-first, data-driven decision making process.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Dr. Mark Ghaly is California’s Health and Human Services Secretary. As Newsom said, he will reveal the new guidelines on Tuesday at noon Pacific Standard Time.

We are and we are sure theme parks are hesitant to get hopes up. Newsom said he remains “stubborn on a health-first data-driven process that is done with our eyes widen open … so we avoid any further increase in transmissions.”

Just last week, Gnaly addressed said of the theme park reopening guidelines, “It will come out when we’re ready. We are working closely with our industry partners.” Ghaly continued: “We will continue to lead with public health and look at our data … slow and stringent, moving forward.”

Tensions clearly remain high between some members of Newsom’s administration and the theme parks. Walt Disney World is, as we have mentioned before, the largest economic contributor to Southern California and one of its largest employers.

Disney has made it quite clear that despite Ghaly’s words, the administration is in fact, not working closely with them in particular. Bob Iger recently resigned from the California Economic Recovery Task Force and prior to and since then, Disney has said that their biggest issue is that the administration is not communicating with them or attempting to collaborate to find a solution.

We all wait with bated breath.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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