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On the heels of major drama between Disney and California Governor Newsom, we have some updates on the state of reopening for Disneyland.

On Monday, October 12, California Governor Gavin Newsom announed he was sending members of his staff to Walt Disney World to see firsthand how the theme park is operating amid the pandemic. This comes following a heated few weeks between the mega company and the Governor.

Disney has been very public with their insistence that Disneyland reopen safely and with a number of restrictions and protocols in place. They have pointed to the success of every other theme park throughout the world which they have safely reopened.

When Disney World in Orlando Florida reopened in July, Florida was a pandemic hot spot. Not one positive case was traced back to Walt Disney World despite the rising numbers of coronairus cases in the state.

Said Newsom, “I want folks to come back and tell me what they saw, what their experience was.”

Just the week before Bob Iger has resigned from his position on the California Economic Recovery Task Force. Disney has been forced to layoff 28,000 employees much of which is due to the lack of communication, guidelines and negotiation with the company to reopen their Anaheim theme parks.

Disney is the largest economic contributor in Southern California and also one of its largest employers. With the shutdown of the theme parks, not only are employees suffering but local businesses as well.

In other news, according to the OC Register, Disneyland has reached an agreement with 11 Cast Member unions to bring workers back when state officials allow.

This comes following an announcement from Disney that they had been forced to layoff 28,000 domestic castmembers. More than 8,700 union and non-union employees were laid off from Disneyland, 15,000 from Disney World.

The return to work agreement was signed by Disneyland’s largest union, Local 50 and ten others. The union’s Facebook Page outlines some of the sticking points that were recently negotiated. Including sick pay for employees who get COVID-19 and testing for the virus.

Here are the highlights from the return to work agreement:

• Recall from furlough will be done by scheduling group, classification and in classification seniority order.

• Leads, Trainers, some premium positions and some Carthay Circle classifications will be recalled separately with restrictions.

• Notification of recall will be by telephone at least 7 days in advance.

• If the first phone call wasn’t answered, there will be another call 45 minutes later to follow up.

• If you’re unable to return to work you can decline and if you don’t respond to calls within 3 days you will remain on furlough. Company will move to the next person in seniority order.

• If you change your mind about returning, you may request to be recalled on the next wave of recalls.

• If you have to isolate yourself or miss work because of work, you will not receive any points and will be paid.

• Cast will be subject to health screenings when they report to work. If a temperature reads above 100.4 degrees, cast members will be sent home with report pay.

Stay tuned for more information on the reopening of Disneyland as it becomes available.

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