Disney World Gets Serious About Mask Rule

New audio messages and signage at the parks inform guests that if mask rules are not adhered to correctly, they will be asked to leave Disney.

We just returned from our first Walt Disney World trip since the reopening of Disney World property. We were pleasantly surprised that Disney was indeed enforcing the rules and regulations they have in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Signage throughout all of Walt Disney property tells guests that masks must be worn, physical distancing should be adhered to and more. Sanitizing stations are more promient than trash cans and at Walt Disney World, that’s saying something.


Audio messaging is piped in through all parks reminding guests of the rules. Castmembers wander the park with signs reminding guests to maintain a distance of at least six feet whenever possible and to wear appropriate face coverings that fully cover the nose and mouth.

Floor markings are all over the parks indicating where guests should stand for various attraction queues and dining locations.

One of the common ways guests break rules are for photos and snacks. Photopass photographers will not take photos of guests who remove their masks and quickly remind guests that face coverings must be worn at all times when guests are taking photos of themselves or wandering the park eating or drinking without their mask.

Throughout our weeklong stay, we only noticed a few guests who were not adhering to the rules. There were several who would purchase an ice cream treat and immediately remove their mask to consume. We understand this because it’s hot and the lifespan of those ice cream novelties is short in the heat and humidity. Guests were asked to find a seated location where they could enjoy their snack or drink with their covering removed and not to walk the park.

There was one instance where a guest at Magic Kingdom was sitting without food or drink and no mask. Two different castmembers asked the guest to please cover their nose and mouth when not eating or drinking. The guest failed to comply. A higher level castmember was then summoned and was approaching the guest when he put the covering on and walked away.

Now, Disney has a new audio message playing across all theme parks at Walt Disney World. The message warns that if the mask rules are not correctly followed, yes you have to cover your nose and your mouth at all times unless seated for eating or drinking, guests will be asked to leave the park.

New signage has also been placed around all of Walt Disney World property including Disney Springs and resorts that remind guests of the mask rules.

This comes on the heels of an announcement from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that removed the mask mandate for the state. Disney is private property and can therefore require and enforce their mask mandate on their property. Following the announcement from DeSantis, Disney received some pushback from guests that according to the Governor Disney could not require them to wear masks. We assure you and Disney does as well, they can and they are.

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