Get the Look! Fall Vibes With Colourpop Garden Variety Palette

We are bringing all the fall vibes with this gorgeous Garden Variety Palette From Colourpop

When you look at the Colourpop Garden Variety packaging you think summer but the palette is incredibly versatile. This palette is currently available on with their Wild Nothing palette in a set called Desert Daze palette for $38 which is an incredible deal for two amazing palettes.

The Garden Variety palette is available for $20 on its own through the Colourpop website. This palette is a 15 pan beauty loaded with neutrals, a few bold pops of color and a variety of mattes, metallics and super shocks.

This is a palette for all seasons with an amazing color story that can be used to make bright and airy for spring, vibrant and bold for summer and can really embrace those earthy fall hues.

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Let’s jump right in.

First things first, a blank slate picture.

Next, I want to highlight the products I used for the rest of the face because they are some of my favorites.

Now for the eyes

I feel like when most people look at this palette, they get spring and summer vibes. But, there is some amazing potential to create versatile looks for all seasons. I wanted to create a fun, earthy fall look using this palette because it’s something different. It’s not the obvious choice when you open the lid.

The first colors that I am drawn to with this palette are the purple hues and the green. Pair that with undertones from the variety of peachy coral shades and you have yourself the perfect look for spring.

But, if you look at the outside pans of the palette you can start to get some fun fall ideas. The right right column paired with the bottom column and voila! Pumpkin spice all day!

Let’s get started creating a spicy fall look perfect for a day romping in the pumpkin patch sipping that fall blend… or that PSL.

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Let’s Get Started

For our base shade, we are going to start with a blending brush like the elf Blending eye brush with the shade Prickly Please. This is a great transition shade for this palette. It would go well to build up all of these other shades. I like to start with a lighter shade in order to build a more consistent color off the base shade.

If possible, I like to start with a matte shade as a base and not a shimmer or metallic shade. It helps to create a better blend as you start to build shades.

Next, to start creating more dimension in the crease and along the outer V of the eye, I am going to go in with that same brush with the shade Stay Sharp. This is a beautiful terra cotta like reddish brown.

I love that there are two matte brown shades in this palette. A more reddish lighter brown and a true chocolate brown. This adds to the possibilities for creating an amazing look any time of year.

For this look because we are going to go in with some of the more plum shades as well as the coral and peachy shades, we are going to use the lighter of the two browns. For a deeper, more dramatic look, take the darker brown which is called Root Em’ Up and blend that into the outer V or outer corner of the eye to up the drama and smoke out the eye.

Take this Stay Sharp shade and buff it into the crease on top of the shade we used previously. I focus this shade more on the outside of the eye in order to begin to create a depth of color and open up the eye by taking darker colors to the outside and keeping the lighter shades more towards the inner corner.

Stuck on You is a stunning plum shade. With a crease brush or a smaller fluffy brush than your blending brush, like the Eye Crease Brush from efl take this purple and blend it all over the lid, heavier on the outer V and then also take a smudger brush such as the Morphe Smudger Brush and buff that same shade under the eye to connect the color. Keep it tight to the eye to create a tighter look and for a more smoked out look, buff it wider.

I also took a bit of the shade Stay Sharp and buffed that with the same smudger brush under the eyes.

Our first shimmer shade for this look (yay) is Clay Day. With a clean crease brush pack this shade onto the lid over Stuck on You. This will create an amazing fall shade. I love the mixture of this gorgeous burnt orange shimmer with the deep plum of Stuck on You.

Don’t leaf is an amazing copper metallic from this palette. It is so eye catching in the palette. You can see it working with so many different looks and I just love it for this look. I actually like to use the metallic’s with my finger. The oils from your finger will help activate the metallic look of this shade and will increase the shine and dimension of it.

With my finger I packed this shade more on the inner corner and then created a gradient by packing it lighter as we got towards the outside of the lid.

Finally, with the shade Wavelength, I am going to take a detail brush and pat that onto the inner corner and just below the brow to highlight.

That’s it! Super simple, super gorgeous, super fall. I love this look. I love the dimension with the browns, copper, peaches and plum. That is what I think of when I think of fall. I think a touch of purple, especially a rich, dramatic purple is perfect for autumn and for adding depth and dimension.

I hope you like this look and I hope this inspired you to think ourside the box with the Garden Variety palette from Colourpop.

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