Disney CEO Confirms Disney World Park Capacity Still Capped at 25%

Disney CEO Bob Chapek said in an interview with CNBC on Monday that Disney park capacity at Walt Disney World remains capped at 25%. Chapek said that capacity has not gone above 25% at any Disney theme park around the world. In addition, the theme parks are operating on the premise of a 6′ physical distancing restrictions.

Disney has never publicly released the capacity for any of their American theme parks. It is thought that the maximin capacity for Magic Kingdom is around 90 to 100,000. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is thought to be around 60,000. Epcot is said to be capped around 100 to 110,000 and Hollywood Studios around 50,000 to 60,000.

Although many have stated that the parks seem to be much more crowded as of late that doesn’t necessarily mean that the capacity has been increased.

Disney never said that upon reopening in July, the would be operating at their max adjusted capacity. They could have just increased the amount of park reservations available to get them to around 25%.

The increase in numbers is most likely due to the increase in out of state guests. Back in July, very few people felt comfortable traveling out of their home states. Travel is becoming more popular again and families and groups are starting to head back to Disney from other states.

Although Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in a press conference several weeks back that “theme parks could resume normal operations”, it doesn’t appear that Disney is in a hurry to do so and abandon the health and safety measures they have put in place. Bob Chapek said in his interview Monday that capacity at the theme parks will not be increased until CDC guidelines allow.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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