Top Travel Tips for Air Travel Right Now

As people take to the skies once again and travel revs up, what changes have been made and how it will affect travelers.

After months of silent skies and empty airports, slowly but surely travel is starting to ramp up again in the United States. Although many are hesitant to take to the skies, some are eager to scratch that travel itch and get back to exploring.

So, what does travel look like right now? How has the current situation affected airlines and passengers alike? Let’s dive into tips and trick for traveling safely. This is your guide to travel right now.

We talked to several people who were traveling to and from very different areas to get their take on travel. What’s changed, what’s the same and what they liked and didn’t like. This is what they said.

Travel from Denver to Minneapolis:

Denver seems to be “kind of business as usual”. The airport was of course far less crowded than a typical day but shops were open, some restaurants were open but seating was limited. It seemed as though employees were taking precautions and there was a constant stream of employees sanitizing high-touch surfaces.

This was a very different scene from the Minneapolis Airport. In Minneapolis, everything was closed. There were hardly any stores that were open and there were far fewer people than in Denver.

The flights were much cheaper than pre-pandemic and the plane was very clean. Security at both airports were very quick and there were hand sanitizer stations everywhere.

“I have never flown on a plane that clean. The flight attendants seemed extra nice and overall it was a better flying experience”

Friend who hopped on a jet plane

Both flights passed out sanitizing wipes but a lot of people also brought their own.

If you have clear, at both airports, they handed out free sanitizer and mask goodie bags.

Travel at LAX

Our friends who traveled through LAX en route to Walt Disney World noticed several changes in the security process. The lines were much shorter and were spaced out to incorporate social distancing. Guests were asked to lower their masks in order to verify their identity with the TSA agent.

In addition, there was a machine that scanned ID’s and allowed the TSA agent to verify identities without making the process a high touch experience.

Crowds were lower, people were encouraged to and mostly did, not sit directly next to someone not of their party.


Early during the pandemic, U.S. airlines quickly moved to scale back their inflight service offerings. It was part of an effort to minimize interactions between passengers and crew, improve sanitation and reduce costs at a time when some airlines were losing as much as $100 million per day.

We talked to several people to find out about the snack situation in flight. Here’s what we learned.

On one flight, snacks came packaged together with a sanitizing wipe, a bottle of water and a snack in a baggie.

On another flight, the package was similar. All the offerings were in a box or bag to decrease touching of products.

Alcoholic beverages are available on most flights as well as select sodas, juice and more. Not all airlines are providing that service currently so if it is something you are wanting, check with the airline prior to booking.

Those were some personal experiences from several large airports around the country. But, we’re not finished. We have some other tips and tricks for you so that you can have the best airport experience and be prepared for your trip.

Let’s jump in.


We almost always fly Southwest Airlines at least to Disney. Right now they’re allowing middle seats to be empty, boarding in small groups and masks are required.

Other noteable airlines we have heard positive reviews for are Alaska, American and JetBlue.


Depending on where your airport of origin is, if you have a connection and where you are flying to, your experience could drastically vary. Airport policies vary from airport to airport and city to city.

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If you are looking to reduce high touch experiences, try only taking carry-on bags. If you are able, this will greatly reduce multiple people handling your checked luggage. If you do check luggage, carry sanitizing wipes with you in your carry-on so you can sanitize your bag once you get it back at your destination.


As we reported earlier in this post, maby airports are operating with limited stores and restaurants open. If this is your airport you could be really hungry on your flight. Also, if you are looking to reduce high-touch experiences bringing your own snacks is a great way to do that.

Those are some of our tips for travel right now. If you are looking to hop on a plane or have a trip booked, these tips should help you have a safe and stress free flight.

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