Breakdown of Walt Disney World Non-Union Jobs Cut

A document filed with the state of Florida by Disney includes a breakown of the Walt Disney World workers who will be laid off. Disney announced yesterday that 28,000 castmembers would be laid off as a result of the pandemic. That number constitutes nearly 30% of its domestic theme parks workforce. There are 6,700 non-union Walt Disney World positions that will be cut.

Negotiations with the Disney World unions are still underway which will determine the number of unionized roles that will be lost. Here is a breakdown of the 6,700 non-union workers to be cut as part of the 28,000 total domestic Disney jobs lost.

  • 6246 at Team Disney Orlando – finance, operations, and more
  • 65 at Celebration offices – administrative
  • 49 – Orlando International Airport – merchandise, operations
  • 22 – Creative Costuming
  • 8 – Disney Reservations Center
  • 279 – Disney Vacation Club

For more information on the announcement including the statement from Josh D’Amaro see our previous post on the subject Disney Lays Off 28,000 Castmembers.

If you are interested in supporting the castmembers during this difficult time, you can do so through Castmember Pantry.

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