R. E. S. C. U. E. Rescue Aid Society! The Rescuers Inspired Merchandise

The Rescuers is one of the most underrated movies ever released by Disney. In honor of this classic gem, we are sharing some of our favorite Rescuers Inspired merchandise from all over the internet

We are back with another installment of our series where we scour the internet and bring some of our favorite items for a specific movie or theme.

For today, we are talking about one of our favorite Disney films of all Time. The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under.

Interesting interjection here. I don’t watch movies. I listen to shows and will have movies on in the background but it is a rare and I mean rare occasion when I will sit down at watch a film. Especially from start to finish. It’s just not who I am. I don’t find any joy in sitting for hours staring at a screen.

I do that all day every day for work and when I’m not working, I want to be doing something else with my time.

However, when we go on a Disney Cruise. I put Disney movies on repeat. If you’ve never been on a Disney Cruise, there are tv’s in your stateroom and a massive catalogue of Disney movies and shows to choose from.

Two of my favorite films to watch on a Disney Cruise was The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under. It’s such a fun association for me.

So, because I love these films so much, I am so excited to share these finds with you.

Let’s get started.


This backpack is one of the cutest Loungefly pieces I have ever seen. I am so obsessed with this bag. I feel like it is such a cult classic because so many people aren’t familiar with these characters and these films. I sincerely hope they come out with a few more in honor of these films. One from the Bayou!

The Rescuers Magical Mouse Inspired Ears!

Look at Bianca and Bernard in these adorable ears. These are a must have for any Rescuers fan. So unique, I love that they are made of a furry like fabric and the details are unreal!

Loungefly Disney The Rescuers Down Under Jake Mini Backpack

Who’s ready for an adventure! Jake is your guide! He sure knows the outback. This backpack is perfect for any adventure seeker. We love the corduroy and the brown leather staps and of course Jack!

Men’s Disney The Rescuers From Down Under Portrait Tee

“Now, look! I’ve got a long way to go. You’re, you’re gonna take me there, and you’re not gonna give me any trouble about it, right?” We love this shirt. The design is perfect and encompasses almost all our favorite characters… but where’s Wilbur?

The Rescuers Disney Inspired Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque

Be brave little one. Someone’s waiting for you. We love this necklace for so many reasons. This would be the perfect gift for so many occasions. We love the details and the symobolism in this piece.


Faster Evinrude Faster! Evinrude was one of our favorite characters from the original Rescuers movie and we love that this shirt includes him. If you remember, this is the scene when Evinrude is “driving” Bianca and Bernard to find Penny when she is in the clutches of Brutus and Nero.

Rescuers Down Under White Heather ‘The Rescuers’ Tank

Always fly first class. Albatross Air… They’ll get you here to there!

Villain’s Pawn Shop * Madame Medusa * The Rescuers * Disney Inspired * Tee

Madame Medusa’s Pawn Shop Boutique! Such an underrated villain. Would you shop at Medusa’s Pawn Shop Boutique?

Vintage Rescuers Pin

We already told you how much we love this scene. How amazing is this vintage pin from the original Rescuers movie!

Rescue Aid Society (The Rescuers) Racerback Tank Top

“R.E.S.C.U.E Rescue aid society. Heads held high, touch the sky. You mean everything to me.” If you know you know. And if you know, you need this tank.

Bernard and Bianca Mickey Ears

Bianca and Bernard are just the best. We love these ears. Look at how excited they are to take on their next assignment from the Rescue Aid Society!

Rescuers Shirt

In case you forget the words to our theme song, we’ve got you covered.

The Rescuers Nursery Print Quote Baby Decor Poster Disney

How cute would this be in a nursery or a hallway. We love a positive and inspirational quote and this one sure hits the spot.

Bernard the Mouse Holding His Hat Vintage Cloisonné Pin from Walt Disney ” The Rescuers “

Bernard is just so pure and good and innocent. He just wants to do good and be good and help and we love him. This pin embodies everything Bernard is and the perfect accompaniment to any pin collection.

Bernard Ears The Rescuers Ears Custom Minnie Ears Disney Ears

Bianca Ears The Rescuers Ears Custom Minnie Ears Disney Ears

Vintage Rescuers Down Under Millennium Pin

Another fantastic pin it even has a date! November 16, 1990 was the date that The Rescuers Down Under was released. This pin is so unique and such a collectors item. It even shows Jake with Joanna who was McLeach’s pet lizard.

The Rescuers Dress – Girls Size 3 ready to ship

We want this in our size! This dress is so cute. If you remember from the original Rescuers film, Bianca and Bernard braved the streets of New York City to find Madame Medusa’s Pawn Shop boutique and they even navigated their way (for a moment) through the Bronx Zoo! This little girl’s dress depicts that scene perfectly and we are so jealous that it doesn’t come in a size for us.

Well, there you have it. Some of the best Rescuers merchandise on the internet. We hope you enjoyed and found some amazing pieces in this post.

Thank you for stopping by. We’ll see ya’ real soon. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at ForLoveOfMouse, on Facebook at For The Love of The Mouse and on YouTube at For Love of The Mouse.

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