Disney Holds Press Conference Aimed at California Governor

Disney held a press conference urging California to act now in providing reopening guidance for theme parks 

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Following the first half of the conference where Disney discussed wins from all over the world of the phased reopening of their properties, the conference zoomed across the country to the west coast. Patrick Finnegan and Josh D’Amaro talked about the procedures Disney is already planning ahead of the guidelines and pleaded for guidance on reopening their west coast theme parks.

Patrick Finnegan, VP of DCA and Downtown Disney talked about how Disney has successfully been able to reopen Downtown Disney in Anaheim with much success. Disney monitors incoming traffic and pauses entry when required. They also use a mobile waitlist when lines reach a certain threshold.

Finnegan said that Disneyland has been in conversation with the governor. They have yet to receive any guidance from Governor Newsome but hopes to get guidance from the state soon. Disneyland is ready to open the theme park reservation system used at other parks while they have already experience with other procedures.

Although there has been no guidance from the State of California for reopening, Disney has been working hard to update policies and get the groundwork for a number of guidelines that will be in place when they receive the green light. Disneyland will be expanding mobile order and contactless payments upon reopening. Disney is announcing a plan to provide COVID testing in their communities and will announce details soon.

Josh D’Amaro who stood alone at a desolate Disney California Adventure was next to speak. “Disney is an important part of the economy.” he opened.

D’Amaro continued that, “80,000 jobs rely on Disneyland’s operations.”

The Disney Institute has put together a 3 part course called “Operating During Turbulent Times” and will share that with the community.

“We are ready, and more importantly… it is time” – Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.

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The news conference ended and it is clear that Disney is growing tired of the lack of communication and guidance from the state of California. As thousands of Californians struggle to make ends meet during this shutdown and the California government offers no guidance on when change will come, Disney is doing all they can to encourage Newsom to put forth guidance and open the conversation to reopening California’s theme parks.

An Independent study discovered that Disneyland generates $5.7 billion annually for the Southern California economy. The study was conducted by Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics (ALME), which also concluded that Disneyland contributes more than $370 million in state and local taxes.

With successful reopenings all over the world, it’s time for California to get on board.

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If the cruise industry can come together to establish guidelines for getting cruise ships back on track, surely one of the larges states in the country can figure out how to get their economy started up again and get revenue generated from a huge corporation chomping at the bit to prove they can do it right.

To view our recap of the first part of the news conference, please check out that blog post HERE!

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