Disneyland Cancels Additional Reservations Into October

Theme Parks Tire of Lack of Action from California Governor

Disney is showing their frustration with California’s Government and lack of committment to a reopening timeline for their California theme parks.

Disneyland’s Theme Parks, Universal Studios and other theme parks have all called on California officials to set out health guidelines and requirements they need to meet in order open.

Parks have been shuttered for over six months now in California and theme parks executives have worked diligently to jump through any hoops they can to reopen their gates. To no avail. The Governor of California has done nothing but tease “reopening is coming” with no additional information provided.

“California’s amusement parks urge the Governor to issue amusement park guidelines expeditiously so these vital community attractions can reopen their doors,” said executive director Erin Guerrero in a statement on September 15.

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While other states are working hard to reopen with guidelines and restrictions in place and Disney and Universal have both successfully and safely reopened their Florida theme parks even with spiked numbers from the state, California seems to be dragging their feet and are unwilling to cooperate or provide guidelines to get people back to work and the economy on a road to recovery following over half a year of shutdown in the state.

Although the revenue lost for the companies themselves have been staggering as has the lack of revenue for the economy and loss of jobs for individuals.

Today, Disney has announed they have canceled additional reservations for their California resorts and theme parks through October 3. We reported several weeks back, Disney had been hopeful to have a plan in place and begin reopening the parks on September 23. That is clearly no longer the case.

On September 16, Disneyland President Ken Potrock applied some very public pressure to California Governor Gavin Newsom by putting out a statement saying that Disneyland is “disappointed with the state’s lack of progress” in providing a reopening date or even some guidance as to a timeline for reopening. Potrock went on to say that the Disneyland Resort stands ready and willing to accelerate discussions with the governor in an attempt to make “real progress” towards a reopening.

In a press conference on the same day, Newsom said that the state is “very very” close to making an announcement. He’s said that before and no guidelines or announcements have followed.

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On a positive note, Governor Newsom did give the PAC 12 approval on September 16 to move forward with a plan to play. In a news conference, Newsom stated, “There’s nothing in our guidelines that prevent these games from occurring,” He added that schools “can resume football. There’s nothing in the guidelines saying the Pac-12 cannot move forward.”

This could prove promising for the reopening of other events and functions and could be the push needed for theme parks to move forward with a plan. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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