Recently, the Orlando Sentinel report released an article on Florida port budgets. This is pertinent to travelers looking for information on when cruising, especially crusing out of Port Canaveral and Miami, where Disney Cruise Line ships dock, will resume. Here is what we learned. Following the release of the 2021 port budget, there are no cruises projected to depart from the ports

” until at least January, and at that point, only four ships sailing at 50% capacity – one ship each. The port is home to five brands, though, including Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises. Which brands would be sailing is unclear at this time.”

Orlando Sentinal

Port Canaveral’s fiscal year is from October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021. The CDC has already extended their No-Sail Order into September and several cruise lines have officially canceled sailings through October and into November. Although other parts of the world have started to get the situation under control, the U.S. is not one of them and that is continuing to severely impact travel, the travel industry, and economics.

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According to Port CEO Captain John Murray:

“We think that’s very very conservative and the right thing to do in this environment. We see what’s going on in Europe. We hope we’re over-conservative. We hope cruising starts before January.”

At the time of publishing, Disney Cruise Line has cruises on the books for December 2020. We expect the first sailings for Disney Cruise Line will be after the new year and are hoping to see the ships set sail again early 2021.

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Much will depend on whether the CDC’s No-Sail Order is extended once again.

Per the Sentinel article, Port Canaveral will be operating with a skeleton crew for the near furture.

The staff reductions, contract reductions and shelving of projects until at least 2022 allowed the proposed operating budget to be reduced from the originally projected, pre-COVID fiscal 2020 level of $54.8 million to a fiscal 2021 proposal of $37.5 million, a 32% decrease/

Although this sounds grim, Port Chief Financial Officer Michael Poole was optimistic about the future, saying:

“We’re hoping in fiscal 2022…we’re going to turn the faucet back on.”

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Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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