Top Tips For Planning A Disney World Trip in Current Circumstances

Disney is looking a lot different these days. We’re breaking down some of the changes and how you can prepare.

We are getting real with planning a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth today. There’s a pandemic going on which means there is not a lot of “normal” happening in Disney. There are no parades, no fireworks, no character meet and greets. Dining is modified, rides are modified. There is no park hopping. The list goes on.

We are going to talk about if right now really is the best time to spend your money on a Disney trip and if it really is the safest idea. Let’s get started.

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What’s your tip about finding cheap flights?

Check airline flights on Tuesdays or Thursday’s. They tend to be cheaper. Set up an alert for your favorite airlines to your destination so you can be alerted when prices drop on flights you are looking for.

Websites such as AirfareWatchDog and SkyScanner are set up so that you can set alerts usin their sites for free. Southwest airlines is an example of an airline that allows you to set up alerts for their flights as well. When flights you are interested in are lowered, you will receive an email alert.

What Is Your Top Tip For People Planning a Trip Right Now?

Research. Research. Research. No matter where you are going, it is essential to plan ahead and research the policies and procedures for where you are going and also for when you return.

There are a number of places requiring quarantines when you arrive either from specific destinations or from any destination. When planning on leaving your state or if you live in a state with varying guidelines, there are several steps steps you should take prior to traveling.

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Would You Wait to Plan a Trip if This is a Once or Twice in a Lifetime Trip?

Yes. Some of the best parts of Disney are currently on hold. As we mentioned above, there are no fireworks, no parades, no character meet and greets. Those make for some of the most magical memories of a Disney vacation.

In addition, many of the resorts are closed, there is no character dining. For people like Bryson and I who travel to Disney frequently and have multiple trips on the books for the coming months, we just want to be in Disney but if you are planning a once in a lifetime or once in a few years or decade trip, save your money.

There will be a time when Disney is back to “normal” and your money will go so much farther.

Disney is also located in a coronavirus “hot spot”. If you are not able to quarantine upon your return and if you cannot avoid the possibility of coming in contact with high risk people for two weeks following your return, this is probably not the time for you to travel.

What Are Some Things You Would Take to Disney Now That You Wouldn’t Normally?

There are several items that we recommend making sure you pack right now if you are going on a trip. Regardless if you are going to Disney or some other location, these are great items to pack.

Masks from OneLittleSpark on Etsy
Portable Phone Charger from Amazon

Many places are moving to remote check-in, mobile order etc. This means you could be using your phone a lot more. These chargers are great and typically last several days. We share one in Disney and on trips. What’s great about this one is that we are both able to charge our phone several times before recharging the power pack itself.

What Are Some of The Biggest Changes to Take Into Consideration at Disney World Right Now?

This isn’t you normal vacation. Disney has gone above and beyond to continue the magic as best they can but a lot of the most anticipated events and aspects of the Disney theme parks is missing. All of your photos will be taken in a mask.

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There is no Festival of Fantasy parade, many of the dining locations are closed, masks must be worn at all times, except when seated and eating or drinking, there are no fireworks shows, no characters to meet or dine with.

This is an entirely different Disney than you have been to in the past and entirely different than what you will have if you were to postpone your trip.

We love Disney and we have several trips planned for ourselves but every single friend or family member who has approached us and asked if they should go to Disney now because flights are cheaper or rates are discounted, we have said no. They shouldn’t.

We don’t want people to get the wrong idea. We aren’t doing this to have Disney all to ourselves when we go… although we are excited about walking onto Flight of Passage and we certainly aren’t trying to brag about getting to go frequently.

We understand that Disney is a process. It takes planning, logisitics and a lot of money for most families and groups. We want you to get the best Disney experience for that money and quite honestly, we think Disney does as well.

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How Many Masks Would You Take To Disney World?

At least one mask per person per day. We would recommend a couple of extras as well in case of a rainstorm and it gets soaked or some other incident. Re-wearing a cloth mask especially following a day in the heat and humidity is strongly discouraged and quite honestly, it’s gross.

Are There Any Parks You Would Skip Right Now?

That is a personal preference. With no park hopping available, you get one park per day but you can come and go to that one park on that day as you please. Depending on how many days you are going, you might want to prioritize a park you can see yourself spending a full day at. But! If you are going to a park like Epcot that is undergoing construction, perhaps use part of that day as a pool or Disney Springs day.

Should You Schedule a non-park or Pool Day?

We would work those into park days but if with limited hours at all of the parks, this might be something you want to do. If you are used to park hopping, you might not want to spend an entire day at one park and breaking it up with some pool time or heading to the resort to explore could be a great idea for you.

We love scheduling pool days but we don’t (correction, Bryson doesn’t) want to spend all day at the pool so a few hours here and there is a good compromise for us. With no fireworks shows or character meet and greets and some parks limited on what you can do, breaking up the day with some pool time could be a great idea for you.

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The bottom line for us is that if you were planning a once in a lifetime or once in a few years or once in a decade trip. We would wait. There is so much magic that is not happening right now and if you aren’t a frequent Disney-er, we want you to get the biggest bang for your buck and have the most magical experience.

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